Lentil Dosa | Mixed Dal Dosai from Tamil Nadu

Lentil Dosa

Lentil Dosa or Mixed Dal Dosai from Tamil Nadu is made only of lentils without Rice. So this almost instant Dosa is No Rice Dosa and is very healthy Diabetic food. I made this with 3 different lentils and the batter came out so well. Since this doesn’t require fermentation, you can almost soak it […]

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Oats Broken Wheat Idlis ~ Diabetic Friendly

Oats Broken Wheat Idlis is a wonderful option when you are looking for a variety in your breakfast. This uses oats and broken wheat and doesn’t require much soaking and fermentation. This is part of Vegetarian Meal Ideas for dinner for BM#72 Week 3 Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners […]

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Brown Rice Dosa ~ Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Brown Rice Dosa

Brown Rice Dosa is one of the healthy options that seem to have caught on the fancy in recent times. Be it replacing the regular rice with Brown Rice, or finding other healthy options, the brown rice has become the ingredient to select. Our breakfasts are mostly Dosas or Idlis, so it is important to […]

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Breakfast Oatmeal for Detox Diet

We are starting the fourth week of BM#64 and I will be sharing three Detox Recipes suitable for the Detox diet. I most surely needed one after the heavy sweet loaded Mega Edition on Mahatrastian I did last month. Anyway as most of my friends know, I am not very keen on diets or can […]

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Instant Oats Dosa ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

We are starting the BM#59 edition. I will be sharing some instant breakfast options. True to the situation that we are currently, with heavy rains and no power at times, I literally made the best use of this theme by resorting to these instant dosas. While I had other plans, that never seem to materialise […]

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Ragi Adai | Kezhvaragu Adai | Finger Millet Adai

We are starting the BM#49 Edition. I selected to make from the Indian Bread Baskets. While one would think of a bread basket mostly when dining out, which in turn has very limited choice in almost all dine outs, the variety that we have under this, is simply amazing. So instead of going through the […]

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