Paneer Burji Wrap | How to make Easy Paneer Frankie

Paneer Wrap

WhPaneer Burji Wrap is a wholesome meal filled with fresh paneer burji and paneer cubes rolled in a roti. This surely makes a filling meal for lunch. Peddu was on a roll asking for new dishes to be packed for his lunch and he liked the ideas of different wraps. So this came about when […]

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Cheese Bread Omelette Sandwich ~ Easy School Lunch

Cheese Bread Omelette

Cheese Bread Omelette Sandwich is a quick and easy sandwich you can pack for your kids’ lunch box and be very assured that it will be enjoyed by them. I have always talked about the food I pack for my kids’ lunch box and most times it turns out to be a tough task as […]

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Creamy Rajma Aloo Masala

Creamy Rajma Aloo Masala with Roti

Creamy Rajma Aloo Masala is simple and quick side dish you can make for Chapathis. With regular Indian spices, you can make this quick. Continuing in my theme of showcasing everyday meals for Lunch or Dinner, for the final day I have a creamy Rajma Masala that I made with small Rajma Variety along with […]

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Beetroot Thepla | How to make Beets Thepla

I am not sure if it’s by design or divine interception that it so happens that on this day I am either making a stuffing paratha or blogging about one! On my very first Aloo Paratha I wrote about my memories of my teens and now two decades later, I feel I am still the […]

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Matar Paneer ~ Healthy Lunch Box Recipe for Kids

If I have to confess about one thing that I love to do, it would surely be a packed lunch. Even when we lived relatively closer to school and my brother used to go home for lunch, I always insisted on packing one. It always used to be a tiffin, mostly what Amma makes for […]

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Cashew Nut Peas Pulao ~ Lunch Box Recipes for Kids

Cashew Nut Peas Pulao is an easy Lunch Box Recipe for Kids. With fresh peas this gets done very quickly. We are starting yet another BM edition, BM# 46, I am starting with Kids Delight theme, featuring Nuts and Legumes for Kid Friendly Lunch Box dishes. Now for the longest time I was so confused […]

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Potato Peas Sprout Sandwich ~ Back to School Recipes

For today’s recipe, I have another one of Konda’s lunch box shared. I packed her this sandwich couple of weeks back and she loved it so much. The addition of mint with the aloo makes a great difference to the overall taste. And the sprouts makes it very healthy. I haven’t used much of oil […]

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Masala Idli ~ Back to School Recipes

I have a very quick dish that I often make for Konda. Though this is originally supposed to be made with leftover idlis, I always make it with fresh ones as getting the kids eat anything in its original form end up being a challenge. So this dress up is a must for any dish. […]

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