Mysore Rasam | How to make Mysore Rasam

Mysore Rasam

Mysore Rasam is an aromatic dish made with freshly roasted and ground spice powder and this light dish makes a wonderful lunch or dinner meal. Though the name goes as Mysore Rasam, I am not sure of the connection between the Indian State of Mysore in Karnataka and this rasam. While there are many rasams, […]

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How to make Rasam Powder | Udupi Rasam Powder

For the Indian States under BM Mega Edition, I had selected Udupi Thali. Rasams are always part of the thali, Trying out different versions makes preparing the thali an enjoyable task. I selected to make the Rasam that called for Rasam powder Udupi Recipes site. Infact this Rasam powder seemed like a versatile spice powder, […]

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Rasam Powder for Cumin & Pepper Rasam ~ The Simplest!

As I have talked in length of my Amma’s Cumin & Pepper Rasam, I can’t just stop without talking about the basics that go into it. When parents relocated, there were many things that we were upset on. But in that depressing moment, hubby dear cracked me up saying, why don’t you ask her to […]

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