How to make Thengai Sadam

Everyday Simple Thali - Thengai Sadam

Learn how to make Thengai Sadam with this easy to make the recipe. Thengai Sadam is a popular South Indian Mixed Rice variety that is an easy and very delicious rice dish to make. We make Coconut rice in a couple of ways, all using freshly grated coconut. Variations would be in using other lentils, […]

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Chinna Vengaya Kuzhambu

Everyday Simple Thali - Chinna Vengaya Kulambu

Chinna Vengaya Kuzhambu is a traditional dish from Tamil Nadu made with shallots and in a tamarind base. There are different recipes or ingredients add to the basic recipe that gives the specific flavour to the final dish. Tamarind is the main ingredient for the tangy taste in this gravy. Of course we add tomatoes […]

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Avial Recipe | How to make Aviyal

Everyday Simple Thali - Aviyal

Learn how to make Aviyal with this simple and easy gravy with a mix of vegetables that tastes so delicious when mixed with rice and enjoyed. Avialis a popular dish across all the South Indian states, though it is popularly known as a Kerala dish. I grew up eating this when Amma gets the specially […]

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Idiyappam Recipe

Idiyappam - Kerala Breakfast Thali

Idiyappam Recipe is one of the most popular in Kerala Cuisine. These string hoppers or noodles are made with rice flour and served with a spicy side dishes like vegetable kurma or nonveg gravy. These Idiyappam are healthy are these are prepared without oil and steamed. These are traditional food prepared with rice flour, pressed […]

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