Zucchini Dosa | How to make Zucchini ka Cheela

Zucchini Dosa

Zucchini Dosa or Zucchini Ka Cheela is a pancake made with Besan. This is a quick, no ferment Dosa that can be done within minutes for an easy breakfast. When it was time to decide what I should make for Z, I immediately thought of Zucchini and decided to make this quick dosa. I got […]

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Watermelon Rind Dosa | How to make Kalingana Polo

Watermelon Rind Dosa is a traditional dosa from Karwar region, known as Kalingana Polo. Watermelon rind is always discarded but in this traditional dish this part is also used to make this dosa. This unique dosa is very easy to prepare and is traditionally made with coconut and poha. The batter is thin and is […]

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Heerekai Dosa | Ridge Gourd Dosa from Karnataka

Heerekai Dosa

Heerekai Dosa is a popular dosa from Karnataka made with Ridge Gourd and a spice batter that requires no fermentation. This dosa is a diabetic friendly breakfast dish where thin sliced ridge gourd is dipped in the batter and placed on the hot tawa together to form a dosa. The spices added to the batter […]

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