Milagu Kulambu, Beans Kootu ~ Weekend Cooking

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On Saturday I always plan to make something new and different from what we normally cook during weekdays. So planning on a vegetarian meal gives me an option to check out regional special dishes. I naturally turn to check out typical tamil nadu dishes and this week I thought I should make some Milagu Kuzhambu with some not so spicy yet bland Beans Kootu. Only the beans kootu also ended up being spicy. 
One never knows a green chili and that’s what happened to me as well. I added more chili than needed. So it ended up being a spicy kootu. Still it was a surprise when hubby dear said it was all fine with him. The Milagu kulambu is made with spice powder and can be done in a jiffy if you have the things ready.
This is what I packed for work as well and ended up a very spiced noon, if you must know. Spice as you know is what you add so you can control that anyways. On the whole, it was an experience I won’t forget!
With school starting, I had a huge pile of books to be covered. I stayed up late to complete it, to have a hassle free Sunday. As always I end up remembering this event every year and it never ceases to amaze me the joy that I get, seeing neatly covered books. Books that hold new things to teach and the experience we get as we grow through it.



Milagu Kulambu

Milagu Kulambu powder – 2 tsp
Tamarind extract – 1/2 cup thick pulp (extracted from 25 gms tamarind)

To temper

Oil – 3 tsp
Curry leaves
Fenugreek seeds – 1 tsp
Mustard Seeds, Urad Dal – 1/2 tsp
Water as required
Turmeric powder a pinch
Hing a pinch

How to make the Milagu Kulambu

Make the Milagu Kulambu podi and store in air tight container.

Heat a Kadai with oil, temper with mustard, curry leaves, Urad dal, methi seeds. Then add the tamarind extract, salt, turmeric powder and enough water. Bring to boil.

When the extract reduces to half, add the milagu podi and simmer with a lid.

Cook till the kulambu is thick and oil comes out on the sides.

Beans Kootu


Ingredients Needed

Beans – 200 gms
Yellow Split Moong dal – 1/4 cup

Chop into fine pieces and mw both beans and Moong dal for 10 mins

For the Spice masala

Fresh Coconut – 2 tbsp
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
Green Chilies – 3 -4 long

Chop everything and grind to a smooth paste using water.

For the temper

Oil – 1 tsp
Cumin Seeds – 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves
Salt to taste

In a non stick pan, heat oil temper with cumin seeds, curry leaves.

Add the boiled beans along with Moong dal. Bring to boil. Add the coconut paste. Simmer and cook with a lid covered.

Cook till the masala gets cooked well.

Serve with the Kuzhambu.

This is joining the Weekend Cooking that I do with Vaishali and Champa. Check out what Vaishali and Champa have made for their weekend.

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Milagu Kulambu, Beans Kootu ~ Weekend Cooking
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Cuisine Tamil Nadu
Dish Type South Indian Kootu
Cuisine Tamil Nadu
Dish Type South Indian Kootu
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