Mint Raita | How to make Pudina Raita

Mint Raita

Mint Raita or Pudina Raita is a popular Indian style mint flavoured yogurt dip made with fresh mint leaves, curds / yogurt. It is spiced with Indian spices and makes a delicious accompaniment for biryani or even parathas This easy and simple to make raita is made with freshly ground mint leaves along with green […]

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Revithokeftedes | Greek Chickpea Fritters

Revithokeftedes or the Greek Style chickpea fritters is my first dish from the Greek Cuisine. I was eying the Revithosoupa or the Chickpea soup that seems to be quite popular, both in the BM group and in general. I had to give a skip as I didn’t have a couple of ingredients that seem to […]

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Hara Gobi | Dry Cauliflower in Mint Sauce

If there ever was a recipe that stayed the longest in my draft, then that honour should surely go to this recipe. Hara Gobi recipe was something that came into our life a long time ago, yet it never made it to the blog as one might expect. If you are a person who loves […]

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