Amritsari Channe ~ a perfect start for a lazy day with Chhole!

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Sundays don’t feel complete if its not Pooris for breakfast. With the pooris, the channa makes an appearance every other week. This gives me a perfect chance to try out the different recipes I have for Channa. The punjabi chhole, the south indian channa, or the channa masala. Added to this, is the fact that the kids look forward to a poori session, making it all the more encouraging. Twins somehow know its going to be poori, and they linger under my foot with plates, saying poodi pooodi. They look so adorable, pouting their lips to say poori. Chinnu even loves to eat the Channa. They wait impatiently for their puffed up pooris. So this sunday, the moment they saw me in the kitchen rolling out pooris, they took out their plates and started saying pooodi poodi.

Before having the breakfast, we had gone to the temple and Amma had wanted hubby dear and the kids to feed banana to the Gomaatha. You should’ve seen the excitement for the kids. The boys were literally jumping, saying banana, banana and all ready to feed the calf and the mother. Infact the last time, when Amma had taken them, Chinnu refused to give the banana, saying he wants to eat. But finally they convinced him to offer.

After the outing, we came back for a breakfast with Poori and Amrithsari Chhole! I hurried up with rolling the pooris and when I gave them their plates, they made their dad sit down and feed them. Chinnu even had a separate serving of the Chhole in between the pooris. Konda is very specific that she wants the perfect balloons.

Coming to this recipe, it was scouted out from an old paper cutting that I have been having over years and its called Amritsari Channe. I am not sure of the authenticity, but the taste was really out of the world!


Ingredients Needed:

Kabuli channa – 500 gms
Ghee – 2 tsp
Onions – 2 medium
Garlic paste – 1 tsp
Onion paste – 1 tbsp
Ground Cumin seeds – 2 tsp
Roasted anardana powder (pomegranate seeds)- 2 tsp
Cinnamon – 1″
clove – 2
Green Chillies – 2
Tomatoes pureed – 3
Whipped curd 100 ml
Kasturi methi leves – 1 tsp
Turmeric powder a pinch
Kashmiri Mirch – 1 & 1/2 tsp (I used regular)
Garam Masala – 1 tsp
Cracked peppercorns – 5
Ground Nutmeg a pinch

Method to prepare:

Soak channa overnight. Next morning, wash and pressure cook till soft.

Then heat ghee/ oil in a kadai. Add onions and fry until golden. Then add the garlic and onion paste. After two mins, stir in the anardana powder. Fry for one min, before adding the cinnamon, cloves and chillies. Fry for a min,

Then add the cumin powder, then add the tomato puree. Cook for 5 mins. Then pour the curds, stir in the kasturi methi, turmeric pw, chili powder. Add required water. Cook till the ghee comes out.

Then add the remaining ingredients along with cooked channa. Cook till the channa thickens. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

Serve with pooris!

Amritsari Channe ~ a perfect start for a lazy day with Chhole!

Cuisine North Indian
Author Srivalli
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  1. Hmm..shall I come to your place this Sunday..???Would love to have those balloon pooris with yummy never fail to delight our taste buds..and what a wonderful usual..;-)

  2. Oh these puffed Devils reminded me of Bhature…and Amritsari choley always leave me dribbling ,so its a deadly combo i must say…I am still searching those people who invented paanipuris, chole bathure and all that fried stuff….how can be people so mean to invent sumthng heavenly tasty and then label it as unhealthy….noooooo no not fair !
    Well pooris are atleast bit healthier than bhatures(Dil ko behlane ko ghalib yeh khayaal acha hai) so cud gobble down few i guess? What say lady?

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