Bhindi Masala Recipe | How To Make Bhindi Masala with Step by Step Pictures | Lunch Box Series : LBS#64

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If you have been around, reading this blog for a while, then you must know that there are couple of dishes that have eluded me. One is the Bhindi Masala and the other, Moong Dal Halwa. Though I have made and got hubby dear’s nod on Bhindi Masala’s taste, it still seems isn’t the right one. Bhindi Masala, of course got attested as the recipe. But looks like I was mistaken. Though it tasted great and all, it didn’t look like how it is served in Delhi.

Now if you have ever been in a situation fighting memories, get it from me, you will fail miserably. Just as I have. It’s like hearing statements like no one can prepare that chutney like my mom or like that kerala curry just like my uncle. Well the list is endless. Even Daddy comes out with such statements and you know Amma cooks like a dream. I just tell them that it must have been the first time they were eating it and the memory just stayed. I know it’s easy to defend this way, than trying to get that perfect recipe okay.

Anyway I was happy having found one recipe that was right, until I was shown how Bhendi Masala looks like. We were watching the movie 3 Idiots, guess what happens? I suddenly hear a squall! Startled I turn to look at hubby dear who has that look on his face, I asked him what happened. He says that’s how Bhendi Masala looks. I was thankful that it’s a DVD that I could play back couple of times to see how the dish looks. Raju Rastogi’s mom feeds him Bhindi Masala with rotis when he is in hospital. If you have seen the movie, then you can imagine how funny the situation must have been. We missed watching that movie in the cinema, and we really enjoyed the first time we watched it. Of course this movie joined the exulted line of movies that get run for some 1k times at home. And I didn’t actually have to play again for myself as kids were watching it anyways.

Coming back to how Bindi Masala looked, I must say it looked very pretty. The Bhindi were still very green, and pretty with all masala mixed. I was wondering how one can cook something completely without loosing it’s colour. Unless it was only half cooked. Well I will only know if I get hold of that cook who made, which again is not a possible thing. 

I am sure by now you are now curious to know how I got this recipe. Well this recipe comes from my colleague’s mom. He is from Delhi and you can imagine how much of a foodie he is. So when we are not discussing work, food becomes the main topic. I asked him to get the recipe from his mom. I was surprised to see that just adding one more ingredient, how the dish got changed completely! He says there will not be a dish without amchoor not being added and the store bought ones can’t stand a chance with his homemade amchur powder. Well that might be very true, still I got to make do with the store bought amchur powder right!

So armed with the recipe, I planned to make a complete punjabi meal for office lunch. So made Lasoon Masoor ki dal, Jeera Pulao and Bhindi Masala. When I told hubby dear that he can expect Bhindi Masala, pat came the reply if the rotis are made. Well there I was planning a typical dal chawal subzi, and he asks for roti!

Finally whatever it was, it was one delicious meal and it was approved by everybody including my colleague who said it was how they make it at home. So finally here comes the dish..

Step by Step Pictures

 Mix all the spice powders along with oil.

 Wash, wipe and dry the Bhindis

Cut into pieces as shown above!

Slit open through the middle.

Stuff with the spice masala.

 Cook in a non stick pan for best results.

It’s ready!
Bhindi Masala | Curried Okra with spices | Lady’s Finger sauteed with spices

Ingredients Needed:

Bhindi / Okra / Lady’s Finger – 250 gms

For the spice mix

Red Chili powder – 1 tsp
Coriander powder – 1 tsp
Turmeric a pinch
Salt to taste
Amchur / Dry Mango powder – 1/2 tsp
Anardana / Pomegranate seeds powder – 3/4 tsp
Cumin powder / Jeera powder – 1/2 tsp
Oil – 1 tsp

Method to prepare:

Clean and wipe the Bhindi dry. Trim the crown and tips. Chop them into long pieces and make a deep slit in the middle. Keep aside. I was told these are normally tied with threads to have the masala intact.

In bowl, take all the masalas and mix well with oil. Stuff this masala into the Bhendi pieces. After a point I was really tired of stuffing into the small pieces, so if you stuffed most of them, you can sprinkle the rest on the top or roughly mix the bhindi with the masalas.

Heat a non pan or kadai with oil. Add the stuffed Bhindi and add another tsp of oil if required. Cover with lid and simmer for 5 mins or till the bindi is cooked. 

It takes about 10 mins or so to get done.
Serve with rotis or jeera rice and dal.
Best to select tender Bhindis as they will get cooked faster.
If you have the Anardana seeds, then slightly dry roast and make a fine powder. Fine powder may not be possible. But not real coarse. Store in air tight container. What I have has been there for a while..:)

Bhindi Masala Recipe | How To Make Bhindi Masala with Step by Step Pictures | Lunch Box Series : LBS#64

Cuisine Punjab
Author Srivalli
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  1. Love bhinda curry with hot rotis. I make bhinda curry just like you except I don't add the amchur or pomegranate. I add a tiny bit of lemon juice when it's cooked.

  2. I make similar minus anardhana,will add it next time…ha ha..I was visualizing that movie scene of 3 Idiots..just love that movie n already have seen N number of times..:)

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