Cheese Bread Omelette Sandwich ~ Easy School Lunch

Cheese Bread Omelette

Cheese Bread Omelette Sandwich is a quick and easy sandwich you can pack for your kids’ lunch box and be very assured that it will be enjoyed by them. I have always talked about the food I pack for my kids’ lunch box and most times it turns out to be a tough task as […]

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Nawabi Egg Masala Curry

Nawabi Egg Masala

Nawabi Egg Masala curry is a rich creamy gravy made with a ground spice paste with eggs simmered in it. This makes a delicious side dish for Naans or Rotis. If you think you remember reading about a dish like this, then yes, you are right. I have already shared Nawabi Potato Masala and I […]

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Oats Capsicum Omelette

Oats Capsicum Omelette is a quick breakfast that came about first when we wanted a twist for the regular omelette and also wanted a healthy one. So added oats powder to make it more filling. We added some chopped capsicums and that made the breakfast so colourful! Having this for the breakfast surely makes it […]

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Omelette au Fromage | How to make French Style Cheese Omelette

Omelette au Fromage is the French Style of Cheese Omelette, made with a double dose of cheese, Parmesan, and Gruyere cheese added to eggs. If you don’t have guyere you can use processed cheese, that gets folded over the omelette. We are continuing the second day of cooking French Cuisine. While I had grand plans of […]

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Egg Fold-over with Chicken | Chicken Egg Roll

Egg Fold Over with Chicken is an easy and interesting dish as it has shredded chicken bits stuffed in. If you have some leftover chicken pieces, this can be easily done. Eggs always seem to hold more attraction than other meat dishes. Daddy used to say that for a nonvegetarian, even then there is nothing […]

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Egg Dosa | How to make Mutta Dosa

Egg Dosa is the easiest dosa you can make. All you need is Dosa batter and some eggs. You have the most satisfying Breakfast or Dinner within minutes on hand. This Mutta Dosa was frequently made during my growing up years in parents home. As I have mentioned, Daddy is very fond of Eggs and […]

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