Lunch Box Series : LBS#17

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We have added a new ingredient to our food off late. That’s since we met a doctor who said that adding this to one’s food, is very good for health. This helps in flushing out toxins and generally helps in everything. I am talking about Plantain stem or Vallai Tandu or Arti Dantu as in telugu. We are never used to have this included in our cooking. I have never known Amma cooking this. But we have seen it being served in tamilian weddings esp. the Brahmins. But I also know it features greatly in most tamilian houses. The doctor said most people don’t understand the value of this stem and ignore it most times. He said we can include this 3 times a week and also drink the raw juice that we get out of it. We have been following it for the past one week. I can’t see I find lot of difference, but I got to wait and see. Whatever maybe the result, I am happy that I got to include another new veg into our lunch boxes. I had to ask around for the different recipes that can be done with the Plantain stem. This one uses Yellow Moong Dal well cooked with the stem, that it became more of a kootu. I am planning to ask few of my Brahmin friends of the recipe they have with Bengal gram. I tried one with Bengal gram, it didn’t look like the one I have seen being served. Would welcome recipes and suggestions for different varieties.

Today’s Lunch Box had

Vankaya Sambar ~ Brinjal Sambar
Plain Rice
Plantain Stem Kootu
Pepper Cumin Rasam
Curd Rice.

Plantain Stem Kootu

Ingredients Needed

Plantain Stem – as required (this is normally sold as cube here)
Yellow Moong Dal – 1/2 cup
Salt to taste

For seasoning
Mustard seeds + Urud dal
Curry leaves
Oil -1 tsp

Method to prepare:

Clean and cut the Plantain stem to small cubes. Make sure its tender one, else you might need to remove the threads around it.

Pressure cook the plantain stem pieces with moong dal and salt, till its cooked.

Heat a pan and add oil. Once its hot, add the seasonings, sauté well and add the cooked stem. Cook for 5 mins in sim and remove.

The dal was really cooked to paste and was coating the stems like in kootu. Kootu recipe might vary. I just called it kootu as it appeared like that with the Sambar.

Looking forward to other suggestions and recipes using Plantain Stem


Lunch Box Series : LBS#17

Cuisine Tamil Nadu
Dish Type South Indian Kootu
Author Srivalli
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  1. Vallai Thandud – I love it!! We cook it often at our place.. Make raita, curry & dry sabji out of it.. Its really yum! My all time favourite!!

  2. OMG!Srivalli!Plantain stem?I never ventured to make anything with it as i feel it is very cumbersome chopping it.But amma used to make perugu pachchadi using raw stem and a curry adding mustard paste[aava pettina koora].And yeah,I could access net after almost 3 month’s break.Thank you.

  3. Hi Srivalli!
    we call this ariti duta in our place and we(our family) loves this.My mom cooks this when ever we get this.she makes aava petti na kura which is really heavenly.and with moong dal in a dry variety.also perugu pachchadi.OMG! i cannot say how delicious it will be.I’ll post the recipes when I get duta .That was a nice post.

  4. Wow, the LBS is so different from the previous one! nice variation Srii. Hope I cud plantain stem here in US. will try next time in Indian stores! take care and have a nice weekend.

    ~ Siri

  5. satya, yeah all these years I have never tasted. Its just recently we included. Thats a nice one to try..what else is added in it?…Its good to have you back. Do drop in when you find time

  6. Vaazhathandu more kootu is also great. you can use in avial. It is good for removing excess water from the body, especially recommended for pregnant women. Good for warding off kidney stones and urinary infections.
    Vazhai poo, Vaazhai thandu , and so many other vegetablis included by our ancestors were a good balanced diet! :)Your recipe is good! I am surprised being in chennai you have not tasted it!

  7. Do you mean in raita?Chop the stem finely[In amma’s words just like rice grains]into warer to which little buttermilk and haldi are added or use majjiga theta.Drain the liquid, add salt to the pieces and squeeze.Add to the curd along with green chillies&coriander leaves.Give a nice popu touch.Taste and add salt if needed.Enjoy.Use lemon juice in place of curd and you have a salad to relish.

  8. Lathamma, nice to know all these details. Before this I never really tried to eat it though there were many occasion. Now we started to after the doctor said.

    Seema, thats nice to know…yeah it tastes good

    Madhavi, wow..thats nice to know this is liked by so many

    Siri, thanks…I always try to make it with combi …always in search of different ones

    ec, thanks..will check it out

    satya, hey thanks for the recipe…will try and let you know!

  9. I have always had plantain stem cooked in Begali style. Will try your recipe when i find some plantain stem next! Looks really cool.

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