Poosanikai Kootu, Keerai Poriyal ~ Tamil Nadu Style | Lunch Box Series : LBS#74

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While I talk about different types of Parottas for a typical Tamil Nadu Special, today’s meal is a simple mix of Kootu, Keerai Poriyal with Chaaru, with a final touch of curd rice.
I simply love the kootu types, as it not only adds the vegetable, but the lentil as well to your meal, which completes your lunch. A typical meal includes poriyal, kootu, sambar, rasam and curds. While rasam is made everyday, I thought I would replace with Charu, which is a Andhra version of a blend that’s a cross between a Sambar and a Rasam.
I have not eaten this charu in any andhra home, other than my own. Amma only makes a plain Charu, while I have read that even vegetables are added to this, as the sambar. This Charu has just the red chili powder, unlike sambar made with Sambar powder.
With the month long marathon, I almost don’t have time to think of anything new. The weekly menu planner sort of makes me concentrate on something new. Until I come up with other interesting dishes, enjoy this simple meal!

I made a poriyal or dry stir fries with greens, very typical of Tamil style.

Keerai Poriyal

Ingredients Needed:

Sirukeerai / Amaranth Leaves- 1 bunch
Onions – 1 small
Crushed garlic – 3 4- cloves
Dry Red Chilies – 3 nos
Mustard Seeds, Urad dal – 1/2 tsp
Hing a pinch
Oil – 1 tsp
Salt to taste

Cooked Toor Dal – 1/2 cup
Grated Coconut – 1 tsp

How to make Keerai Poriyal

Wash the greens in water for about 4 -5 times, till you are sure it’s clean. Drain in a colander.

Chop roughly and keep it aside. Boil the toor dal ready.

Heat a non stick pan with oil. Temper with mustard, urad, dry red chilies, hing, saute well. Then add finely chopped onions, saute till onions turn colour.

Then add the greens, cook on high. Add salt and mix well. Cover with lid, till the water evaporates completely.

Once the greens is completely cooked, add the cooked dal and combine everything well.

Finally add the grated coconut and mix well.

Serve with rice.


I always cook the dal extra for the poriyal, when making the sambar or charu. Else stock some always in the fridge.

Always add less than your regular salt amount as greens absorb more salt. You can add green chilies or even sprinkle red chili flakes if spice is not enough

Today’s Meal was

Andhra Style Pappu Charu
Pumpkin Kootu
Keerai Poriyal
Curds and Rice

Poosanikai Kootu

Ingredients Needed:

Pumpkin – 1 cup
Chana Dal – 1/4 cup
Split Yellow Moong dal – 1/4 cup
Salt to taste
Coconut. grated – 2 tbsp
Green chilies – 3 medium
Cumin Seeds – 1/2 tsp

For Seasoning

Oil – 1 tsp
Cumin Seeds – 1/4 tsp
Curry Leaves few

How to make Poosanikai Kootu

Wash and peel the pumpkin slices, cube into 2 inch pieces.

Wash and soak the dals for 30 mins. Pressure cook the dals with enough water till done. Wait for the pressure to fall down. Pressure cook again with the pumpkin for 1 whistle. Wait for the pressure to fall down

Grind the coconut, cumin and green chilies to a smooth paste with water.

Once the pressure falls, cook further to make sure the water in the dal evaporates.

Add the ground coconut paste and cook further in sim.

Heat a pan with oil, temper with jeera, curry leaves and pour into the boiling kootu.

Serve with Rice, Sambar.

This goes for the April Week 4, Cooking from Cookbook Challenge  Group


Poosanikai Kootu, Keerai Poriyal ~ Tamil Nadu Style | Lunch Box Series : LBS#74

Course Main Dish - Gravies
Cuisine Tamil Nadu
By Diet Vegetarian
Dish Type Dry Side Dishes, South Indian Kootu
Author Srivalli
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