Toor Dal Poli | How to make Kandi Bobbatlu ~ Navratri Day 2

Toor Dal Poli

Toor Dal Poli or Kandi Bobbatlu is a sweet flatbread from Andhra. The stuffing is made with Toor dal and jaggery with outer layer made with all purpose flour. This surely makes a great addition to your festival prasadams. For the Navratri Day 2, Nava Durga observed is Brahmacharini (Mars). The food offered can be […]

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Gur aur Til ki Roti | Jaggery and Sesame Flatbread

Gur Aur Til ki Roti

Gur aur Til Ki Roti is a sweet flatbread very similar to Puran Poli that’s made across many Indian States. This flatbread is made during Sankranthi with the harvest fresh Til and new jaggery. I had this planned for festival dishes during Sankranthi, then changed it when I realised I had to an A to […]

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Coconut Poli ~ How to make Coconut Poli

For Ganesh Chaturthi this year, the new sweet that I decided to make was Coconut Poli. I anyway have to make Dal poli and Kozhukattai, so decided that making Coconut Poli was the best dish to make in the given situation. It turned out so well and I hope Ganeshji was happy with this sweet.  […]

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Sweet Poli ~ Ugadi Special!

Ugadi meant Poli for me for many years. Yes, Amma used to make Poli only on Ugadi day as it is an elaborate process and she used to make for our neighbors and friends. I have always helped her in making these Sweet Poli. I used to love these so much and it was surprising […]

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Coconut Poli – A change from the regular one

Sweet Polis are my all-time favorite ones. I can eat this anytime, all days. Amma makes it for our Uggadi Festival and I always remember waiting for the festival to eat this. Of course, this has become so common nowadays, that we don’t have to wait for a year or for this festival to savor […]

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