Vijaya Dhasami Pooja!

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Vijaya Dashami is celebrated grandly in my in-laws place. Though Amma also makes special lunch for this, we don’t go beyond the usual vada payasam tradition.But its also very special because my brother was born on a Vijaya Dashami, so he gets to celebrate two birthdays! Well celebrating birthdays were a big thing when you are a kid. It matters how you celebrated and what all you did. Mine of course was a non – holiday day, so I always went to school on mine, but brother dear got two birthdays, his calendar birthday usually used to fall on a regular day and Amma also makes special stuff on this day because of this occasion. Those were the days of past, as a kid you don’t know and feel hurt that you don’t get to celebrate like that. Now I wouldn’t want to even think of my birthday, not that I am against letting people know my age but for the simple factor that another year of our life has just passed by. I am of the opinion people shouldn’t ask a lady her salary and a guy his age!

Well that’s about memories from childhood. These days its pretty much cool about it. As I said my in-laws have sweet poli included for all festivals, but for this they also do other stuffs. So since Athamma spends and puts in lot of effort, I also got involved and helped her out. She got up pretty early and completed most of the dishes and I had only the sweet poli to do. Kids give us some break early morning so I managed to do some for the pooja and did rest when they again took a nap.

Neivedyam ~ Poli, Chirtananam, Venkaya Urlageda Kura, Pachimurapakaya Pappu,

Our traditional festival food always has Pachimirappakaya Pappy (Green Chillie Dal) along with Rasam or Chaaru with Vada and payasam. But Meddu Vada is something that I am yet to try my hands. Also hubby dear wanted Masala vada for the green chillie dal. So prepared that as there was no Poriyal for the dal. Since I am used to eating the green chili dal usually on a festival day, getting used to eating this every other day was quite difficult for me. Amma usually makes this dal only on festival day for Neivedyam but Athamma makes this very frequently. So I make this often too for hubby dear. We are more used to Endimirapakaya Pappu. Though the difference is only the Chilli variety, it makes lot of difference to the taste.

Our lunch ~ Poli, Chirtananam, VenkayaUrlagadda Kura, Pachimurapakaya Pappu, Masala Vada, Poli Chaaru. Plain Rice and Yogurt.

Will post the recipes later.

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  1. Srivalli,I too now a days not that much enjoying my birthday…as we are becoming elder..:( Still I am not going out to try other than the usual vada payasam…
    Nice pictures…!

  2. Belated Dasara wishes to you Valli…it’s so nice to read about your childhood memories this way..wishing your bro a happy birthday and now, waiting eagerly for your pachimirapakaya pappu recipe..sounds very interesting as ‘ve never heard abt it..

  3. Hi Srivalli,

    Warm VijayDashmi greetings to you and yours! The poli looks very tempting.

    If Pachimirappakaya = Green Chilli
    Endimirapakaya = Red Chilli?

  4. Oh srivalli, love that home made thali!! i am coming over for lunch now!!!!
    Look here i am making an omelette for lunch and then see your fantastic picture of those amazing dishes!!

  5. This is really nice for me to read Srivalli, how the festivals are celebrated and such lovely dishes too! I would love to know the recipe for the pachimurapakaya pappu so will be watching ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lovely thali Srivalli, I love Polis:)

    Hey I thought it was “don’t ask a girl her age and a guy his salary… :D”

    My granny was born on Vijadashami too, she has her bday twice as well, this year on the 3rd and the 21st ๐Ÿ˜€ She turned 65 ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Birthday to your bro!!

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