Nune Vankai ~ Revisited

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Guthi Vankai or Nune Vankaya was my first post. When I started this blog, I didn’t post any for quite sometime. Everyday I would log in and wonder what’s the plan? I wanted to focus on Andhra cuisine but basically it would mean the cooking that happens in my kitchen. Its more of a blend of Tamilian and Andhra mixed. You can call it typical Madrasi, if you are particular for a name! I am a proud madrasian and though I have traveled to different parts of India, I have always felt that the influence of other cuisine and invasion of all of them happens freely in Madras. Maybe the authenticity of each cuisine might vary, still you can’t say you don’t find a particular dish here. Throughout my growing up years I was introduced to many such new cuisines just as the city was. First came the cable channels with its numerous programs on cooking. Then came khanna kazana. With that came about many such wonderful cooking programs and viewers were introduced to many new cuisines right there in their living room.

Growing up with such environment, tends to make you more interested in cooking and experimenting new things. Still things that are close to your heart never fades. One such dish for us, is this delicious dish made with Brinjal / Eggplant / Vankaya. Andhra is known for Nune Vankai and we have see many such adaptations to this. Each state may claim its own original recipes. Still we hold this close to heart as there is nothing to cheer us on a rainy day to boost our sprits up. When I showed my Dad and Mom, my first post with pictures, they both loved it so much. Dad was all excited because it was about Andhra food. He said I should put up all rare and specialty dishes that Amma prepares. I have been trying my best to heed to his words. Since my first post, I had prepare Nune Vankai many times. But I had really given much attention to this, when my daughter said she loved it. There are many dishes that I like and prepare often. But if that something is oked by Kutty, it moves to a different level.

So when we visited my parents during December, I was telling Amma that Konda loves Nune Vankai. She was happy knowing that because Dad loves it too. Not just this, but anything with Brinjal, he will love to eat. Amma asked me to dig into the fridge and I was for a shock. I took out the biggest Brinjal I have ever seen. It was so huge and beautiful. I asked how on earth are we going to prepare Nune Vankaya with this giant of a Brinjal. She said she did in a different way, though with the same masala. It came out so well that she wanted to prepare it again for us. Well I thought why not try it in a different method. Got just one brinjal and went ahead with the preparations. It came out do delicious and wonderful for a nice dinner.

The recipe was same as the usual method. Just the difference was, we chopped it to big chunks and deep fried it before adding it to the Masala. The frying of brinjal gave it an added taste.

Amma had this cute looking sieve and I was happy using it very often.

These were the fried Brinjal pieces.

Of course the brinjal is not so clearly visible in that rich masala, but believe me, it was so tasty!

Revisiting things from past gives such a wonderful feeling, I did just that by remembering the story I used to tell my daughter about Laurel and Hardy adventures. The pictures of Laurel and hardy are pencil sketches and story is a fig of my imagination. Check them out yourself!
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Nune Vankai ~ Revisited
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Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
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  1. Hi Srivalli

    Thank you for leaving you kind and encouraging comments on to my new foodie blog. I was so nervous to participate these events but as all of you have started visiting me more and leaving such nice thoughts…I thrilled to keep on cooking! Please do visit me soon!

  2. this is the only brinjal dish i eat..actually it is the gravy i eat..but in case i get the wrath of my friends for excess gravy indulgence..i manage a brinjal too :D..and i love the idea of using big brinjals..i sometimes have a problem getting tiny ones here…btw. the gravy looks great!!

  3. ooohhh…first i thot it was something like burtha…but its totally different…very good recipe…n i loved the sketches of laurel n hardy!!

  4. Yeah srivalli,how much ever you would like to experiment, some things are close to heart.Your love for this dish clearly shows that even though you are out of Andhra, Andhra is not out of you.

  5. I love to eat any kinda vankaya kura leaving the vangi bhath besides, not tasted yet! Nune vankaya is andhra’s famous curry dish and simply luv to experiment with it… Lovely recipe Srivalli

  6. Rajitha, hahah..I do that sometimes…thank you

    AnuZi, you are most have a nice its my pleasure…

    Suganya, thats good…and peanuts add more taste

    Manju, this is a good one…oh you checked them..thanks!

    starry, long time….I am doing good…will check on you!

    satya, you said it correctly!..thank you

    Padma, thank you…glad you liked it

    supersamayal, thanks for the feedback…

  7. Hi Srivalli:
    First time in your blog, browsing around for quite sometime.I am pretty impressed to see all these recipes!
    Also the gadget(one like the ravioli skimmer) you used to drain brinjal looks pretty impressive! Do you mind if i ask you where you bought it.. i have seen one like that in one party, but the hostess told that she bought it in a chennai shop, but failed to tell the name.since then i kept looking for it..but in vain. when i saw it in your blog, i couldn’t miss a chance to ask again. Thanks a lot for your time! I appreciate it!

  8. Vidya, thank you for dropping by. .the gadget is my mom’s and she got it in calcutta..I can look around for this in chennai too..and let you know if you are from chennai..

    Sorry for the late reply, I thought I had replied.

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