Lunch Box Series : LBS#34

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Today I had great difficult thinking of what I am going to write. It happens at times that I am lost to think of anything. This blog has now come to mean my way of recording small details in my everyday life and I am most happy sharing it with my readers. It gives such good feeling in sharing certain experiences and titbits. Like the books binding yesterday! Hubby dear was telling me that I seem to have triggered so many memories in people with that talk about binding books! This reminds me that Konda again was disappointed getting up this morning, to see her books still not bound. I told her that I will do it by Sunday.

Thinking about the twins, they are utterly bored at home. So we are planning to put them in play school to spend some hours. Thinking about the prospect of leaving them away at a strange place, makes me want to cry. But I guess they will also be ready for school in couple of years. I can still remember the interview we had for Konda’s lower KG. Both of us were really panicky, wondering what they were going to ask her and how she was going to respond. They showed her some wild animals and asked where they live. She replied wild Sanctuary. The teachers were taken aback. She was 3 years then. We didn’t know who taught her that. But anyway the questions that followed, were much simpler and thankfully the interview got over fast. I am now dreading the interview we might have to attend for the twins!

I am back to thinking hard on the lunch box series, now that Konda’s school is reopening. For today’s box, its going to Dal with greens and a side dish.We normally make it a point to prepare dal with greens atleast twice a week.And this variety of green is what we call the Seru keerai or one type of Amarnath.

Today’s Lunch Box had

Seru akku Pappu ~ Seru Keerai parrupu
Beetroot Stir Fry
Curd Rice

Serukeera Pappu ~ Dal with Amarnath leaves

Ingredients Needed:

Seru Keerai – 1 bunch
Tur Dal – 75 gms
Red chillies – 5 – 6
Tamarind – a small piece
Onion – 1 small one
Garlic – 2 – 3 pods
Tomato – 2 medium
Mustard Seeds + Urud Dal – 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves
Oil – 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Method to prepare:

Clean and wash the greens well in running water. Let it drain off the water. Chop it roughly

Clean the dal and keep aside. Chop the onions, tomatoes.

Heat the pressure cooker, add oil, then add the mustard, urad dal. .

Once the mustard splutter, add Onions, Curry leaves, Garlic and Red Chillies. Fry till onions are brown, then add the chopped greens. Fry till the raw smell leaves.

Add tur dal and fry well. Then add chopped tomatoes, Tamarind. Add required water. Pressure cook it for 2 – 3 whistles.

Remove the lid, drain the excess water. and mash it with dal masher. You will not be able to mash well if the water is still in the dal. Add salt and add back the water. Cook on high flame for few mins, till you see the dal getting thicker. Remove!

Dal is ready.


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Lunch Box Series : LBS#34
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Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
By Cook Method Pressure Cooker
Dish Type Andhra Pappu
Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
By Cook Method Pressure Cooker
Dish Type Andhra Pappu
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  1. that was one smart answer given by Konda Valli..:) and u know that I love ur LBS series and always look forward for it..:D

  2. Missing the keerai varieties here Valli.Interviews are great tension for parents..Konda did a great job,Sure the twins would do too..

  3. I always love twins.i think you are enjoying their looties..
    It is always something that make me crazy is packing my honey’s lunch.
    Your LBS is really so useful.
    Doing great work Srivalli!!I made veg chappathi for roti mela but the pictures are with my cousin and he will mail me only in the weekend,still reserve me a place….

  4. Pappu noru vuristhondi, Srivalli! And beetroot koora is yummy. Even kids have interviews like grown-ups. I experienced this with my sister’s kids. Your kids are smarter like you. So don’t worry about anything.

  5. I’m always amazed by your creativity with your lunch box series, Valli! This looks wonderful. Goodness, I’d be stressed about kids being interviewed too! Thankfully, it’s not a common practice here at all. Best of luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You have interviews for K kids? Man, that is wrong!! I remember going to a interview although I was in Catholic school and boarding. May be my parents did. Here we don’t have that hassle in public schools, they HAVE to take all kids who apply! If they don’t, we sue them!:D
    Private schools do have interviews, but as long as you pay their fees, kids are not complete idiots, you will get there to!:P
    My Amaranth leaves are coming up, will make this when they I get them. See you next week, got to go now!:)

  7. Lovely post..Nice reading ur posts everyday Srivalli…Thanks for ur lunch box series..I have started packing lunch for my hubby since last week..And I have ur blog to refer for recipes..will tell u once i try them

  8. Your daughter is very smart Srivalli ๐Ÿ™‚ Am sure your twins will enjoy at the pre-school… Sirukeerai dhal looks great… nice Lunchbox.

  9. Your post does bring back memories..

    I remember when I left L at her playschool for the first day…the 1 hour she was at school the first few days felt like ages….
    Your LBS are my inspirations for her lunches..since she starts proper schooling soon..

  10. thanks for visiting my blog sri…i make palak dal the same u did with ur keerai dal….thats looks great…u have mentioned my ny blog son?….shez my 2 year old daughter smera…

  11. best of luck to sri squared – may they go and conquer the play school ๐Ÿ˜€

    your lunch box series is a educating the whole world on south indian lunch boxes – this reminds me of my school days ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Asha, yeah what to do..thats the way it is here…so nice to know abt your system..waiting to hear your news abt your daughter..

    Siri, yeah even I was really surprised that she knew something like pleasure..I am now planning to make somemore for this!

    kamala, thats sad part…yeah hope fully so!

    Viji, thank you

    Shri, heheh..very true..thank you..glad you like this pleasure if you really find this useful!..looking fwd to your entry!

    Uma, thank are sweet with your words!

    Kalai, hheh..out of necessity I would say!..thank you..

    Laavanya, thank you..glad you liked it..hopefully we all will come out well from this!,,:)

    Ramya, thank you…glad you liked it

    Arundathi, thats great!

    Divya, its my pleasure..glad you like it..hope you get to try something!

    Sandeepa, heheh..thank you!

    Rachel, yeah your lil one will fare welll…will be a great pleasure if she like these!

    Suma, thank you..your daughter is so cute

    bhags, thank you..will tell her..

    bee, that must be cool..but don’t you grow these greens in your garden??

    lak, hhaha..thank you..if I let them under you..they will for sure do that…I am so glad you said that!

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