Godumai Halwa, Wheat Halwa ~ The Traditional Sweet!

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Wheat Halwa was something I always thought I should make an attempt! I love Thirunelveli Halwa and I can eat a load, of course figuratively. But I can perk up energy to even do that half way! I remember the many occasions that Dad had got this especially for me and it used to be something I used to enjoy. Goduma halwa is loaded with ghee, it literally oozes out, even pouring out ghee. But its worth every bite! I always thought the best way to enjoy this halwa, would be taking a spoon of it and rolling it around your mouth and slowly slipping on each small bite of it. See I have made a thesis on this subject! Best part is, hubby dear doesn’t like this, so I get to eat his share. Worse part is, he never remembers to get this. Of course that was in the past. Now he has made it a rule to buy this occasionally and I indulge in this sinful act till it lasts!

When the famous friends announced the next puzzle to be cracked in the Open Sesame 2, I was all ready for it! I am amazed at the intelligence that Dhivi seems to have in creating the puzzles, they are just awesome! I guess taking pity on us less intelligent mortals, she has given some obvious clues on the way. Else there is no chance for one to hit on the head! I chose the Box 3, yeah I have an attachment for 3 and sent the answer. Maybe because I was obsessed and had already worked on this, finding the answer was quite easy. But you never know these girls, so I was still apprehensive on the answer!

I am a grass , or am I a cereal or a grain
I am everywhere and in almost all the foods you eat
My whole being used in many ways without restrain
I offer you something which is so hard to beat

I am as old as you can think of me to be
Thought to be originated from the land of camels
I am breakfast, lunch and dinner for all to see
Or be it desserts from cakes , pies to caramels

I am famous all over the world from east to west
As breads, flatbreads , cookies to muffins
I am v healthy and like a treasure chest
For ppl – weight conscious and its healthy kins

Buckle up and take a pen and a paper
I am yellow when alive, brown when put to ‘dust’
Eating me makes you look so dapper
Now think hard and tell me what is that grain that we all genuinely trust

I said it was Wheat and yes I got it right this time!

Since wheat halwa was something so long on my mind, I decided that I am going to make it. And yes, this was what I was busy cooking last Saturday night after 10 pm! I had couple of recipes on hand, but didn’t want to take a chance in experimenting at this point, so referred The Yummy Blog, as I knew Lathamma had posted this. With a print out and all things, I set forth to make it.

The changes I made to the recipe was increasing the sugar, cos you know I am a sweet person..:0)..though I don’t like sweets, I like sweets to be sweet! Puzzled? Well another change was adding saffron. Lathamma asked for saffron colour, well I thought I will add saffron straight. How about that, holding the saffron by its horns and asking it to yield its colour!

Preparation time : 15 mins
Cooking Time : 40 mins
Soaking Time : 12 hrs
Cuisine : Tamil Nadu

Ingredients Needed

Whole Wheat (wheat grains) – 1 cup
Sugar – 2 cups (You can increase to suit your taste)
Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp
Ghee – 5 tablespoons (You can increase if you like)
Saffron colour or Saffron strands – 1 pinch or abt 5

For Garnish:
Your choice of nuts roasted in ghee

Method to prepare:

Wash and soak the wheat grains in water for 12 hrs.

Then drain wheat and add 1 cup of water and grind in mixie. Strain through a sieve to get the thick milk. Add another cup of water and grind it for another 2 mins. Strain and repeat process till you get the husk left behind. It took me about 4 times.

Heat a heavy bottom pan or Kadai. Add the sugar and the milk and cook on slim. Its very important to cook in sim, else it will get lumps. Only mistake I did was to let it unattended when the wheat milk started gathering. Then I had to press it down to remove the lumps.

You got to keep stirring continuously, until the milk starts thickening. Add the saffron and cardamom powder. Then add the Ghee. Keep stirring and cooking on sim. Its done when you can roll the halwa into a ball.

But you also should see if the ghee is oozing out on the sides. Add the nuts and mix well.

The consistency is very important if you want to cut them into shapes. If you add more ghee and allow it to be cooked a little longer, you will get the consistency as of Tirunelavi, though I am sure the Traditional sweet has more to its secrecy!

Anyway I was glad that I attempted this halwa, though I am not sure I will want to try again because of its tedious process, but its worth the efforts.

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Godumai Halwa, Wheat Halwa ~ The Traditional Sweet!
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Cuisine Tamil Nadu
Occasion Deepavali
Cuisine Tamil Nadu
Occasion Deepavali
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  1. i LOVE this!! my mom makes it as a quick dish with wheat flour and ghee. i still remember licking the spoon off and waiting for the guests to be served first πŸ˜€

    btw, i chose box three too and posted wheat puttu πŸ™‚

  2. We have a very big plate at mother’s place which we refer as ‘Halwa Pallem’. Whenever amma made this halwa, it was my duty to extract the milk and it’s such a tedious process that I’ve never ventured to make it after marriage…:D

  3. I like Home made Halwa Valli..Amma used to make for every diwali..I too make halwa often in a small amount..Comes out perfect.

  4. Good Monday morning to ya ri! What a great start for me this morning, I remember eating this form bakery in B’lore.
    My mother just did basic cooking with a cook everyday, didn’t experiment much at home, so don’t know all these traditional desserts, good that I get to see and learn all these!:)

  5. Hats off to you for trying this out,My MIL makes this for every diwali.SO i know how hard it is to make.YOu know what, saturday night after 10 pm , i was making murukku..:D

  6. Looks awesome Valli, my ammayi used to make this those days but I was not too fond of it but now that I don’t get it I crave for it. It used to be swimming in ghee though, you have cut it down I guess.

  7. ur photos are getting better abd better – whats happening Valli! The halwa looks toooooooooooooooooooooo good! me catching the next flight to ur place πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Sri, your halwa has not only made me drool but also brought back fond memories of my childhood days. May grandpa owned a sweet shop and I used to raid it for this halwa every time I went there πŸ™‚

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