Potato Halwa | Aloo Ka Halwa ~ The Unusual One!

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Have you ever heard of a halwa made with Potato? Yes I am talking about Potato Halwa! Well I haven’t, not until I heard Athamma telling me about it. She came back from her trip and was recollecting all the cooking shows that she happened to watch on the TV. We don’t watch TV at home, and even if it’s on, it’s mostly Pogo or any of the other kids channel that gets to have the privilege. So Athamma was pretty excited that she got to see so many cooking shows. She likes to watch these, in fact I do too! And you should see her going on and on about the strange combination that’s cooked and showed. You will actually end up wondering if the dishes will be edible. But then of course, it has to be tested!

We went for shopping last evening for the twins. It’s been a while since we did any shopping for them. We managed to get back early from work and rush to T.Nagar. Well I am going to that place after quite sometime and we expected it to be crowded as it’s the rush hour. But it was manageable. It was really exciting to pick up so many stuffs. When we got back, and showed them to the twins, it was surprising that they knew those were new dresses. Peddu was quite happy to keep all of them to himself, while Chinnu was giving him stares. Konda was saying that she wanted to see them. But Peddu won’t budge. We had to finally distract them from getting into a dispute!

This Potato Halwa was one such thing that got the fancy of Athamma and she was hell bent to get the correct ingredients. It so happened that she didn’t watch the show fully. So she was going on telling me how bad she missed watching the show fully. I asked her what all she remembered and she said this, that and what else can go? I said obviously milk has to be a part! Then she was excited that we finally hit upon all the ingredients. We got our act together and conspired when to cook this. Then we had the potato all boiled early morning, hoping to get this done before the kids wake up. But things didn’t work out our way. So finally this was done, after I got back from office in the evening. But believe me, I was one happy person tasting that once it was done. In fact I offered this as neivedhyam and couldn’t wait for the pooja to get done, like a kid. And gosh, I just couldn’t identify potato in it! And it was simply superb!
Measurement is all approximation as we just wanted to experiment. You can increase the sugar and ghee as per your taste!

Ingredients Needed:

Potato – 1 medium
Sugar – 50 gms
Milk – 75 gms
Ghee – 25 gms
Coconut grated – 3 tbsp
Cashew nuts and Almond – few

Method to prepare:
Peel and pressure cook the potatoes till it’s soft. Mash well and keep aside.
Grate coconut and fry in ghee. Once they turn golden, remove and keep aside.
Heat a pan and place the sugar and milk together. Bring it to boil. Simmer and add the mashed potatoes. Let it get well blended.
Add the roasted coconut slowly and mix well. Then add the ghee and cook in sim for 5 – 10 mins. The ghee will start to come out on sides and the the mix will start leaving the bottom. That’s when it’s done.
Finally garnish with roasted nuts.
The taste was simply out of the world. Had I not made, I would never have thought this was potato and you can’t even get the potato taste!
This will be one great dish for potato lovers and to those who don’t like it, then this will surely make them love it!
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Potato Halwa | Aloo Ka Halwa ~ The Unusual One!
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  1. Only 25 gms of ghee? Halwa looks very rich with the ghee oozing out…very tempting. In one of the tv shows the cook made potato halwa in the usual carrot halwa way and added basmati rice powder and cashew powder.

  2. valli…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ what an invention …. seriously…. just a few days back i heard of halwa from apple and today of potato my goodness…. this is one must try thing buddy…. thanks to athamma to have watched that show…

  3. Looka yummy! I’ve heard about this recipe before, but always wondered if the potato taste would blend with the sweet flavors of halwa.. But reading your post, I’m tempted to try.. Sounds simple and delicious!

  4. hats off to your athamma sri..halwa made from potato..??and three cheers for you too to think of ingredients to go into it and actually COOK it!!great great entry!!

  5. wow..halwa made with potatoes!!!thats something very unusal indeed..am sure it must have been tasty too..coz potatoes tend to take the flavor of the spices added to it….lucky for u and us taht ur athamma watched the show and introduced this tasty dish to all of us …thanks to both of u..

  6. Satya, as I said I didn’t actually measured. But did about 2 -3 tsp of ghee, since it was relatively smaller medium types…but then how much you add ghee is your entirely your wish. More ghee more tasty though..:))

    Asha, it was indeed strange to hear first, but as I said, I wouldn’t guessed its from potato! And yes she is one rocking lady!

  7. Actually, I have heard of potato halwa.. saw it on one of the blogs.:D

    I miss shopping in T.Nagar. My mom used to go crazy purchasing steel vessels she didn’t even need!

  8. Looks delicious, Srivalli..and who can tell that it has potato in it! You should have had a guessing game with this one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Valli,I hav come across recipe for potato halwa. I was very doubtful abt the end result. Now that you have certified , I shall certainly give it a try.

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