Bread Halwa ~ A quick one in the Halwa Series!

Ok I know this Halwa everybody must have done sometime or the other! Amma used to make this so frequently one time. This is what the bread takes shape when she finds a bread two days old. When its fried and then simmered in sugar and then milk, you never know it was made with just bread! The best I remember eating was, when my elder sil made for us, when we visited them. We were so full with all the dishes she made, that we just didn’t have space for another sweet. So she packed it for us to eat in the train. I refused to accept a big bowl and packed just a small serving. When we finally got down to eat the halwa, we were taken in by the delicious taste of the halwa. We regretted not accepting the bigger bowl. Even though we have made it many times, it always turns out delicious. But it never equaled that experience in taste!

I have asked my sil, about making it. She says its the same way she does, infact she did it in front of me once, yet it never turned out that way for me. I guess certain things will remain that way for ever!

And Banana Bajjis are the best combo for these sweet treats! Check them out in my Spice Blog!

After my inspiration, I mean something struck me and I thought ok, here is my chance to put up all halwa in one go!

There can’t be anything as simple as this, you just take the bread slices and roast them in oil. Soak them in sugar syrup and then in milk. Voila your halwa is ready!

I had previously done this in microwave, which IMHO is the fastest way to prepare Bread Halwa!

Ingredients Needed:

Bread Slices – 4 slices
Sugar – 5 tsp
Ghee – 1 tsp
Milk – 3/4 cup
Cardamom powder a pinch

Roasted Nuts for garnish

Method to prepare:

Cut bread slices into four pieces, roast in oil. Remove and keep aside. There is really no hard and fast rule for roasting the bread. You can either roast it with little oil or do a deep fry. Of course, when you deep fry it, its more tasty!

Then in a pan, melt sugar and cook to a syrup. The soak the roasted bread in the syrup, sprinkle cardamom powder, then add milk.

Mix well and add the ghee. Ensure the bread pieces hold their shape, it gives a good feeling to chew on roasted bread in between.

Finally garnish with roasted nuts.

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Bread Halwa ~ A quick one in the Halwa Series!
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  1. U know what,the fried bread pieces in sugar syrup is one of the most popular Sweet dish amongst sindhis,but never knew that it cud be transformed in cute halwa!

  2. hi valli,
    I am a new visitor to ur blog. Really awesome recipes. In ur recipes list, microwave recipes are really superb…. Thanks a ton for sharing your recipes.

  3. Thank you everybody, I am happy knowing this is liked by your guys!

    Ambica, welcome to my blog, glad you liked it…do visit again when you find time!

    Raaji, I have updated the post. You can do both, depends on your liking. Of course, deep fried gives more taste!

  4. I made shahi tukda, a similar sweet just twodays back! ๐Ÿ™‚ Some kind of telepathy I suppose! Great going for the marathon dear!

    I am just too tired to blog after long hours at the computer. wonder how you people manage!

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