Doodhi Halwa ~ Bottle Gourd Halwa!

I guess I have thank my stars today. My computer has given up on me and I rebooted it so many times, I wasn’t sure it would wake up! Luckily I have got it working in the end. So this hurried post to run my marathon! I had planned for the JFI round up for today, but since that will take time to upload, thought I will do the next Halwa in line. This Halwa is hot as its coming straight from the stove! I had asked Athamma to have it grated, so all I did was to put it on the pressure cooker and then simmer for 10 mins. The halwa is ready!


Though the recipe asks for it to be cooked in sim, I knew I didn’t have the patience for a slow cooking. I always have everything done in the pressure cooker! Other than putting this on for 3 whistles, I had it on for 5 -6 mins on high for the sugar to get melted and mixed well. Overall it took about 10 – 15 mins for the Halwa to be done. Except for the ceremonial checking for sweet, I didn’t touch it. Of course, the tester is fast asleep, so will have to reheat it again for him and give his verdict. But trust me, that sampling proved that this is yet another tasty Halwa in making. Lauki as its called, I have always know for its halwa, though this is the first time I am making it.
I have planned for few more interesting halwas in making! Only hope I have my computer checked again tomorrow!

Lauki HalwaΒ 

Ingredients Needed:

Bottle Gourd / Lauki / Doodhi, grated – 2 cups
Sugar – 1 & 1/2 cup
Kowa – 1 cup
Cardamom a pinch
Rose water few drops (opt) I didn’t use

For Garnish

Roasted nuts
Ghee – 1 tsp

Method to prepare:Peel the outer skin and grate the bottle gourd. Do not squeeze or throw away the water.

Easy way to get around this halwa, would be to pressure cooking it till soft.

Then add the sugar and cook on high, while you keep stirring it. Add cardamom. Cook till the sugar and gourd solidifies.

Then crumble the plain kova and simmer for 5 mins, while you mix it well.

In another pan, heat ghee and roast the nuts. Then sprinkle this over the halwa.

This had the consistency to become more solid, but I removed while it was still soft and not so thick.

Finally garnish with roasted almond.

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Doodhi Halwa ~ Bottle Gourd Halwa!
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  1. wow srivalli, your blog is getting sweeter day by day πŸ™‚ , love the look of this dhudhi halwa, i never tried making halwa’s with veggies, you have inspired me with these πŸ™‚

  2. Halwa’s looking delicious…but guess what,I was fed too much of this while I was down with jaundice,since lauki is very good for the liver..amma used to make it with jaggery..I have avoided that veggie ever are tempting me;-)

  3. I am really shocked that you made this in pressure cooker. Really clever and it looks so yumm.
    Now i have seen all these halwas, i wish i had eaten more halwas when i was in India.

  4. Nice one!! I have heard so much about dudhi halwa.. but have never made it myself for some reason. may be i should now… have one in the refrigetor..

  5. aaah..halwa week for u huh!!!i just realised it after seeing 4-5 recipes of halwas :)…this sure reminds me of the song aagayi aagayi halwa wali aagayi ,aagayi aagayi halwa wali aagayi( female version )..couldnt help singing it πŸ˜€

  6. that bowl of halwa is soo inviting Srivalli, I bought sorakaya and was planning on making a kheer, but I might now have to change my plans πŸ™‚ Enjoy your halwa spree πŸ™‚

  7. I am wondering wht ripples ur halwa marathon will create if my parents or in laws got to know abt this…..they are simply crazy for halwas and we have a tough time to keep them away from all the prohibited sweets (due to Diabetes)
    I had never tried essence in halwa,do u think it works positively,as far as flavor is concerned?
    For my son,this is of course the best way to have doodhi πŸ™‚

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