Masoor dal Lasuni in Microwave | Microwave Red Lentils with Garlic | Step By Step Recipes

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Masoor dal lasoon is one of those simplest dals that you can make within minutes. Masoor Dal on its own gets cooked much faster than other dals likes Toor, Urad etc. And making it more inviting by adding Garlic to make Masoor Dal Lasooni was next to perfect solution.
This month my Microwave Easy Cooking stopped at Kamalika’s space and since Kamalika wanted to have Delicious Dals cooked in Microwave, I thought this would be best choice. Cooking in microwave, makes it more interesting because while it gets cooked, you can do other things. Instead of always wanting to keep an eye on it.
I wanted to make the most of the day being off, by taking Step by Step to showcase how simple cooking in microwave really is.

Masoor Dal Lasuni, Pulihora ~ Our Meal

Lets get the Masoor dal soaked for 5 mins.

Micro for 10 mins

You can see how beautifully the dal has got cooked

Mix the seasoning ingredients together in a micro safe bowl.

Brown the onions along with garlic and green chilies for 3 mins.

Remove and add the dal to the browned onions along with water.

See how well it has started boiling!

Your bowl of Lasoon Masoor Dal is ready!

Masoor dal Lasuni in Microwave
Masoor Dal – 1 cup
Onions – 1 small
Garlic – 4 cloves
Green Chilies – 2 big
Cumin Seeds – 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Turmeric a pinch
Oil – 1 tsp
Method to prepare:
Wash and soak Masoor dal for 5 mins.
In a microwave safe bowl, micro for 10 mins with thrice its amount of water. Then gently mash the dal with a masher or back of a ladle.
Take the chopped onions, cumin seeds, finely chopped green chilies, chopped garlic in the microwave bowl along with 1 tsp of oil. Micro for 3 mins.
Then add the turmeric and salt to the onions. Micro for 1 min.
Remove the bowl outside, add the mashed dal along with 1 cup of water. Mix everything well.
Microwave for 4 -5 mins, until you see the dal thick.

This took about 15 minutes of cooking in microwave, excluding 5 mins of soaking time for the dal.

This is my entry for MEC : Delicious Dals hosted by Kamalika. Have you got your dals ready?

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Masoor dal Lasuni in Microwave | Microwave Red Lentils with Garlic | Step By Step Recipes
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  1. great step by step presentation of the recipe! It was very easy to go through the recipe in few seconds, dal looks really yummy!

  2. I have to try this dear, lovely. I love masoor dal due to its quick cooking time as you mentioned.

  3. Masoor dhal is one dhal that cookrs really fast in the mw and the yield is fairly good too. This recipe is a quick fix with the MW. The IFB looks immaculate even after so much baking butter cookies. What's the secret Valli?

  4. I also make dal (and many other veggies) in a MW. Very convenient. Thanks for this recipe and all the others you have here!

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