A to Z Dosa Varieties ~ Exploring Indian Bread

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In this “A to Z Flatbreads and more” theme for this Mega BM, I decided to showcase Indian Bread in form of Batter bread.

My love for Dosas is endless which prompted me to have a series tagged as 101 Dosa Variety and there was a time when I thought I should take this as a pet project to complete the huge list of Dosas, Crepes, and Pancakes we have across the Indian Cuisines.

So this mega BM, I decided I would do just that. I have repeated some states more than the other, for example, I felt one can easily do A to Z Dosas from Karnataka. However, I have curbed that thought and went about looking at different batter bread from all states.

With the AtoZ restriction, one can only do so much. I was lucky that I have found authentic dishes, with just a couple of twists in the whole series.

With Dosas, I tried cubling into different groups, so I picked up Dosas with Fermented batter, Instant Dosas, Dosas with different flours, with different veggies etc. I tried grouping them into each week, it wasn’t possible.


I started my preparation last weekend when I had soaked up a huge batch of fermented Dosas, soaking other ingredients that went in. I ended up making 8 different dosas and it was a huge confusion, trying to remember all the step by step pictures and the final dish as well.

Konda loved all the dosas but said it would have been better had I not made all on the same day. So I would confess upfront the clicks are not well planned as just making the batter properly was a huge task.

When I had done A to Z International Flatbread, it was decided and assumed I will again blog on both the sites. So I had to keep up with that as well! I will be doing another option on Spice your Life! so check it out as well.

Anyway, I enjoy doing these series! So join me for the fun ride!


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