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  1. Arthy shama says

    Aali pota dosai is quite new to me as well, they look soft and inviting.

  2. Poornima Molri says

    Lovely dosa.... very tempting and spongy...

  3. Nandita SS says

    This dosa looks amazing srivalli!! Loved the texture and the dips 🙂

  4. Usha says

    Sometimes the names of the recipes are funny. Dosa looks good though.

  5. Suja says

    When I saw the name, I thought it was going to be an instant dosai 🙂 looks quite spongy & soft, Valli

  6. Vinitha says

    The name does sound strange but the dosai looks soft and spongy

  7. [email protected] says

    I have never tried to make dosai. Yours one seems really nice. At here, commonly serve dosai with curry or sugar, but I always like its original flavor. 🙂

  8. Chef Mireille says

    it does look very spongy - must have been great with the chutney

  9. Janani says

    edhu kal dosa dhan ah well I have heard in village they call it that way. I like teh tamarind chutney combo with it very nice valli.

  10. Pavani N says

    Soft and spongy dosas.. I love your chutney dish Valli, shape is so interesting..

  11. Sapana Behl says

    Dosa looks so soft and beautiful ! Love to have with those chutneys...

  12. Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj says

    dosa looks so soft and inviting...

  13. Anitha says

    Dosa looks soft with a strange name s t alli potta dosai or aali potta,dosai

  14. Srivalli says

    Anitha I said the word is Tamil and it means to throw in a fistful of each ingredient...not sure why it is named, but the dosa was good..

    • Anitha says

      In tamil throw in a fistful means alli poduvathu
      So its alli potta dosai i guess
      I love ur recipes and the way u describe things

  15. Srivalli says

    Yes Anitha that's exactly what I meant..:)..I am bad in Tanglish and can never spell tamil words properly in english..yes its all alli potta dosai, thanks for the kind words, much appreciate it!

  16. Uma says

    Nice dipper bowls. Do you mind sharing the info of where to buy? Thanks.

    • Srivalli says

      Thanks, I think I got it from Poppat Jamal store.

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