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Updated 20th, May 2009.

Cooking 4 all Seasons came into existence because I wanted to write a cookbook. One fine morning, I was struck with this urge to think about something else other than diapers, feeds, diapers and feeds. I won’t claim I got up from sleep as those days, there hardly was any sleep. Our twin boys were 5 months old then. We had our hands full with the boys and a 5 year old. Still, I went ahead and broached this subject to my partner in crime. He gave me a look that asked if I was crazy. So I didn’t ask him much but went ahead with my ways and rest, as they say, is history or else you won’t get to read this post after nearly two years right!srivalli

By occupation, I am a software professional. The times when I am not at the office, I am seen either running behind my 3 kids or cooking to feed my family. The time what is left to me is naturally spent thinking on how and what to blog on, which is mostly everyday simple Indian food. These are what I have learnt from my mom, from my mother in law (Athamma) and some my own creations. Food is never so delicious if there isn’t a memory associated with that. And that’s how I think about all dishes. Each one of them brings back many memories and I enjoy the thoughts that flow.

Hailing from a place that never has all the four seasons in its actual sense, I have always been fascinated with the four different seasons. So it was only natural that I think of a name depicting it. But if truth be told, it hardly was no longer than a minute when I pondered on the name. And there I was thinking I was doing a great thing by coming up with a cooking blog! I also kind of like the way it appeals to me on a metaphorical level. One thing led to another and I ended up having one too many topics to brag on!

With the boys growing up to eat regular food, I found it even more challenging to prepare food that they would like to eat. So on top of having an older kid who is a picky eater, I now ended up with a bunch of them. I felt the need to have a space dedicated to cooking ‘Kid friendly‘ dishes that would vanish in a wisp! So you can check out Spice your life, space where I felt comfortable discussing issues that crop up for Parents, record dishes that a toddler would gobble up and easy breeze dishes for bachelors. Now don’t ask me how that came about, its another story! Another most interesting topic is covering Diabetes, authored by my Dad. You can read more about it in Spice your life.

Finally, after 500+ recipes and many months past, my hubby dear got convinced that I was serious about publishing a cookbook. So that’s what is keeping us busy right now. We are hoping we would get the book out by end of this year! Will surely share it as I make more progress.

If you want to contact me for anything specific, please free to mail me

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Apart from the usual questions I get asked lot of questions on dishes that I have already posted.

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How do I join Indian Cooking Challenge?

Indian Cooking Challenge is an event for bloggers who are interested in learning traditional Indian dishes. I choose and share a recipe with the members. We have a private blog where I post the recipe. All members will follow the same recipe and prepare in their kitchen. Everybody posts on the same date.
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My dear readers and friends, I thank you for all the support given to me. I invite you all, to sit back and enjoy what the Seasons have to offer you!

In the process my dear readers maybe you can let me know how you landed here? Would really love to know whatever little that you can share about your life! Do drop a word or



  1. Congrats Srivalli,
    You have made a great start. Your recipes are simple and easy to make. All the best and Keep it up…

    Thanks and Regards,

  2. Wow… 500+ recipes in 2 yrs!!! U inspire novice bloggers like me πŸ™‚ Congratulations!! We too wish to see ur cookbook soon. All the best πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Srivalli,
    Great blog, you did inspire me πŸ™‚
    I browsed to your blog from yumblog, saw your comment there and the link.

    I want to start my own blog but was not bale to make up mind.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and recipes.

  4. Hey Srivalli!! your blog is very good! πŸ™‚ and Congrats on getting featured in Femina , very inspiring !!. Cooking, working, managing kids and managing 2 blogs that is quite a feat πŸ˜€

  5. Hi Srivalli

    Thanks for dropping in at my place. You have a wonderful space here. Great job and all the best for your book!


  6. hi srivalli! am amazed at the way you seem to be juggling so many things in life and yet are taking out time to follow your passion. it is people like you who have inspired me to start my blog and do more than just go to work. will be following both ur blogs religiously from now on πŸ™‚ good luck!

  7. Wow!!!
    This is quite a place!
    Your blog will keep me
    busy in the days to come:)

    You must be super-human!!

  8. Sorry for the late reply, somehow missed responding to the compliments. Thank you everybody who have taken pains to leave your thoughts and compliments..I feel really happy reading them and for getting your support!

  9. Srivalli, you are a real inspiration to all of us…even I love cooking and wanted to bring out a cook book but ended up starting a blog on food….hopefully I will, some day !
    Congratulations to you!

  10. This is great work…I am not sure if your cookbook is out yet, if not good luck with it…

  11. Hey Srivalli,

    Glad to follow your beautiful space, nice to know about you as well. It's really great to have kids n also updating this sweet space. Keep rocking.

  12. Hi Srivalli,
    This is an amazing step forward ….I am really proud of you. I will render my support by forwarding this to all my contacts.


  13. Hi Srivalli garu,
    I landed into this blog as I was going through the images of deepavali and somehow i clicked this image too and to my pleasant surprise, it is a store in intself… Wonderful job… keep it up… even i am a working lady with girl babies who always say "annam kakunda emmanna pettu"…. it is why i found it very interesting. Congrats.

  14. Hi Srivalli!
    I live in the US in Houston and I must say I've lost count as to how many recipes I LOVE from your blog. Over the past few years,they are a no fail success. Every Single Time! I think my short note is looong over due.I especially love your chicken recipes and short stories as to how you came up with certain recipes! I tried one of your recent chicken curry posts and I just had to say -Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful collection of recipes ! πŸ™‚ – Ramya

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