Bell Pepper Noodles

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One of the nicest thing about blogging, especially food blogging, is that you get to meet your blogger friends and realize you know them from many years. Even before you actually blogger together. These days my only go to and close contact has been with my Blogging Marathon group and they are such wonderful folks, so much like my own interest. And it’s no wonder we gel so well.
Though we are quite in number in Madras, I feel surprised that we hardly take time out of our busy life and actually meet them, though we chat non stop on WhatsApp. Infact our group is across the globe and now it feels like they are an extension of our real life, it feels like they live in the same house.
I have such wonderful friendship with some of them, that I really feel so blessed for having found them. So after all the senti feeling that I have been feeling, well some of us met today because Sowmya and Gayathri came down for vacation. Sowmya had pinged me a while ago and I requested our other friends if it was possible to have us at their place. I could hardly call them over my place, what with the hungama that would got created. In the end it happened with Jayanthi, who was so gracious to call us over and had us for almost through the day, with her little kids and she could hardly spend time as she was running around. Gayathri emailed, saying she was in town and wanted to meet. I asked her
if she was here till the weekend and on hearing that we are meeting, she was so happy. I was too as I could meet her again as well.
It was really wonderful meeting Rajani, whom I met a year ago and Nandini, this year. It was total fun and I only hope Rajani wasn’t bored to death with my stories. However the surprise element was Sowmya, for a person who seem to come across as very silent and somber, she had us all in splits through the day! She was entertaining us so much with her stories of baking, and other adventures, which were so funny. With great reluctance we decided to leave home. Jayanthi gave us this pretty napkin and potato wafers and an ear ring for Konda, who went with me. I wasn’t actually planning to take her. She said she was bored and after seeing little ones, she was thinking what she will do, only to realize that the kids really got to her and she enjoyed her time.
One whole, a wonderful Saturday spent with good friends. Thinking about the  day, I almost seem to have forgotten to talk about the noodles that I made yesterday for breakfast. Kids loved it so much and wanted a repeat. I am not sure if the boys ate the bell pepper, I know Konda loves capsicum. This is from my collection of capsicum recipes. I am still no where near scoring off the numbers!

Jayanthi gave us this homemade potato vathals with napkins as props and a pretty ear ring for Konda!

Bell Pepper Noodle

Ingredients Needed

Hakka Noodles – 2 packets
Onions – 1 cup
Green Bell Pepper, Yellow Bell Pepper – 2 cups
Tomato – 1/2 cup
Green Chili sauce – 2 -3 tsp
Soya Sauce – 2 tsp
Pepper powder – 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil – 3 -4 tsp

How to make the Bell Pepper Noodles

Boil the noodles with twice its amount of water along with oil. Drain and mix with a tsp of oil so that they don’t stick together.

Finely chop the bell peppers, onions, tomatoes as julienne.

Heat a big pan or wok, add oil and saute the onions on high. Then add the tomatoes, bell peppers along with green chilies, soya sauce, salt.

Quickly keep sauteing, then add the boiled noodles and toss around.

Serve hot with tomato ketchup


It’s always better to boil the noodles less than the required time. It takes about 7 – 8 mins on high, so switch off by 6 mins.

Run over water to make sure the starch doesn’t settle down.

This goes for the May Week 3, Cooking from Cookbook Challenge  Group

Sending this to Jayanthi, who is hosting my Kid’s Delight, themed on Lunch Box Recipes.

Bell Pepper Noodles

Course Main Dish - Rice
Author Srivalli
Tried this recipe?Mention @cooking4all or tag #cooking4all!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my potato vathals! It was a pleasure meeting you guys… my only gripe being I couldnt spend as much time.. it was fun though. thanks for linking to the lunch-series. Noodles are perfect for kids. even my little terror Yuvan loves noodles.

  2. Noodles looks very inviting valli!!! I too make the same way but with more pepper powder!! It is good to read about the meet valli, hopefully we can have one such in august!

  3. It is nice to read about your meet. I wish my niece gets married soon, so I can come to Chennai and meet you all… 🙂

    I like noodles & bell peppers and these too cooked together looks delicious.

  4. Loved reading abt your mini-meet up Valli. It feels like we all know each other forever just by yapping on Whatsapp, I'm sure it must have been a wonderful time spent together.
    Noodles with peppers looks colorful and yummy!!

  5. so nice that you all get to meet again. praying for the day I can make it over to meet you all until then love the stories of the day and the noodles too

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