Chintakaya Pulihora / Fresh Tamarind Rice ~ Andhra Special Recipe

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For what seem to have been an insanely long time, I finally made this Chintakaya Pulihora last weekend for lunch. I have always known Athamma making this Chutney with fresh tamarind. But she never told me that she used to make a rice dish with the chutney too. Amma makes chutneys but never in this wide range as Athamma. As I have said many times, give an ingredient to Athamma, she will think how she can make a chutney out of it.

Well actually the previous night, seeing that the chutney reached its right stage, she mixed some rice and gave it to me for tasting. While I was eating that, I remembered the many occasions when Amma used to make such muddas, what we call as the “annam mudda”. The memories that open up with this thought were so many to capture in one go. It conjured up images of childhood days in summer spent in moonlit nights, with cousins, eating “gorru muddalu”.

That’s Konda offering the bowl!
I am sure every Indian child must have experienced this. This is a tradition that must be so common in all Indian homes, where either the mother or granny would make all the young kids sit together, mostly in open area and get them to eat. She would mix the hot steaming rice in a big bowl with the pappu (dal) along with ghee. Make them into tight balls in the fist and offer it to each kid. This kindled the memories of many such times spent with cousins, eating like this. Where laughter and merry were many, one least noticed how much one ate.

That a “Mudda” could transport me to anon, while I was feeding my kids made me chuckle. Maybe I should plan for such moonlit dinner for my kids soon. Not that they don’t have such gala times with their cousins, still such times are rare to capture in essence!
Yesterday Hubby dear took Konda for a Daddy daughter movie. Even before I could ask how the movie was, I knew Konda would’ve hardly watched it. Though she confessed it being the best. I know the popcorns were good!

Coming to the post today, I seasoned the rice with the chutney along with the usual Tamarind rice ingredients. It was just too good. I strongly recommend this be tried and enjoyed!


Chintakaya Pulihora / Fresh Tamarind Rice
Ingredients Needed
Rice – 1 cup
Tamarind Chutney – 1/2 cup
For seasoning:
Red chillies – 3
Bengal Gram – 1 tbsp
Ground Nut – 2 tbsp
Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
Curry Leaves – 1
Salt to taste
Oil – 150 ml

For powder (dry roasted)

Coriander Seeds – 2 tsp
Bengal Gram – 1 & 1/2 tsp
Red Chillies – 2 nos
Fenugreek – 1/4 tsp
Sesame seeds – 2 tsp

Method to prepare:
Wash and soak rice for 15 mins. Pressure Cook rice till done. Spread it over a big bowl. Add oil to make sure the grains are separate.

Meanwhile, dry roast all the ingredients for the powder and grind it once it is cool.

Take a kadai, heat oil and add Bengal gram, Urud dal, Ground nuts, mustard seeds. Once it splutters, add curry leaves and red chilies.

Add the dry powder, salt, mix well. Then add the Tamarind Chutney. Cook on sim till oil comes out.

Once its done, mix it to the rice. Alternately you can add the rice to the kadai and mix well.


Since Red chilis are added at different stages, please adjust to your taste. Also since the chutney is stored in fridge, the spice level would have gone down, hence we add more of the dry powder.

Chintakaya Pulihora / Fresh Tamarind Rice ~ Andhra Special Recipe

Course Main Dish - Rice
Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
Author Srivalli
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  1. Lovely recipe valli, I know what I am going to cook today, I will keep my puliyogare gujju, I had this recipe in my recipe book, I don't know when or where I wrote it from, so I can compare both of yours and going to do this,.., that's mouth watering, or you could pass that bowl to me :))

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