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  1. kamala says

    So you put Peddu and Chinnu in playschool even before reaching
    2 ? We dont get gongura here..Love to have some from the plate.

  2. Sukanya Ramkumar says

    This sound so good. Never tried it before. Nice and creative recipe. Looks so good. YUM!

  3. Mahimaa's kitchen says

    there is an award for u..

  4. RAKS KITCHEN says

    I will give it a try when I buy next time,I dont know recipe other than thogaiyal!

  5. shriya says

    Gongura Fried rice that's an intersting recipe. Lovely and yummy recipe.

  6. Uma says

    this is definitely a new way to cook Gongura! rice looks so yummy srivalli! No wonder your kids wanted more!

  7. SMN says

    Valli nice and innovative dish never had it just had Gongura chutney

  8. Kamini says

    I love reading anecdotes about your kids. That gongura fried rice looks really yummy - we get the leaves here at farmer's markets, where it's called sorrel.

  9. Daily Meals says

    New must have tasted great...

  10. Vidhya says

    love reading about your twins. I too have twin girls. As you said, one of them likes to try new things (atleast few teaspoons) but the other one will not be there in the picture anywhere :). I like the gongura rice. All these days I have eaten only gongura thokku or chutney. this is really new. will try it soon

  11. Zee says

    This is a wonderful recipe...Gongura is one of my topmost favourite bhajis..its so delicious and with rice it must taste heavenly..thanks for posting the recipe:)

  12. Srivalli says

    Thank you all for your nice comments.

    Kamala, yes they joined before that.

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