Gujarati Dhebra aur Sabzi Thali

Gujarati Dhebra aur Subzi Thali

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Gujarati Dhebra aur Sabzi Thali features Dhebra the popular gujarati roti made with pearl millet flour. When it is flavoured with fresh methi leaves, it is called as Methi Dhebra.

The Dhebras are normally served as a evening snack with some hot Elaichi wali Chai. You can also serve with Chundo the famous Gujju sweet mango pickle.

When I checked with Vaishali on how I can call this thali, she said the Dhebras served for evening snack, and I can call it Nasta or Nashto as in gujarati. The evening spread will have a combination of Dhebra, along with some Bateta nu shaak, Vanela Ganthia, papite me Cheen, Marcha, God Papdi and Chai for a perfect tea time snacking. So serving tea along with it is a must.

However, since I made for dinner with side dishes like Sev Tamatar Ki Sabzi, Gujarati Moong Dal and Batata Nu Shaak complete with Dry Fruits Shrikhand, I didn’t have tea featured. So this can’t be called Nasta. And also I never thought of this roti as a snack roti. Anyway this is a dinner thali for us.

Using Pearl Millet in different ways!

Pearl Millet is widely used in the winter months in the north. However, since in south we don’t have such distinct winter months and I have never really thought about it, I have only associated the Bajra being available during season. I still remember eating these rotis in our village and later when Amma used to make it.

The way Amma makes this roti is different from the way Athamma makes. Amma makes it with loads of onions, green chilies and coriander leaves, serving it with groundnut chutney. Though she used to make it for dinner, there were many occasions when this featured for snack. These rotis taste absolute delight and I have loved it. Even now remembering those days, makes me feel so sad for the bygone days!

Its been a while since we made those Sadda Roti, though when Athama makes it, she makes it as a regular roti that is dry and stays good for two or three days. Athamma is very fond of Bajra and Jowar Rotis and when she makes, she makes enough to last for a couple of days.

Coming back to the Methi Dhebra, the featured recipe for today, is a bajra roti made with methi and spices to make a delicious snack. I felt this was almost the same as what Amma makes. Yes, I remember we also used to serve it with Ground nut chutney and mango pickle.

Gujarati Dhebra aur Subzi Thali

Gujarati Dhebra aur Sabzi Thali

Methi Na Dhebra
Sev Tamatar Ki Sabzi
Gujarati Moong Dal
Batata Nu Shaak
Dry Fruits Shrikhand

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  1. The combo of the thali is excellent , Dhebras go very well with Sev Tamatar and Bateta.
    I am sure this dinner would have pleased everyone , my family would love it !
    I didn’t know that bajra and jowar are popular in South,even the Sindhi’s add all the spices and herbs to the flour, but for us it’s more of Jowar than Bajra .

  2. I totally get about the seasons in South. Amma used to make Kambu koozh and ragi koozh both during summers. This dhebra with pearl millet is very interesting. Will definitely try.

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