Homemade Khova / Khoa ~ Indian Basics Step by Step Recipe!

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The sky was gloomy, with impending rains on the sight. After few minutes it started pouring. It didn’t look like it was 7 in the morning. I had plans to make khoa, was wondering if I would be able to or not, while I was stirring a hot cup of coffee! First I thought I would get the regular cooking on way. Once it was all done, and kids sent to playschool, I thought I would start with the preparation.

Before we can proceed, decide whether you really want to make Khova or Mawa at home! Because that requires patience and lot of LPG gas! That was the statement Athamma gave at the end of the process. We were not intimidated by the time but at the amount of cooking gas that was used up. If you want to save energy this way, I suggest buy a slab of unsweetened Mawa from your dairy store, especially if you have a good reliable one like we have as Aavin. In fact, I remember eating the best palkhovas and khovas from Aavin.

But when you decided to make things from scratch, you got to take the bull by its horn as they say right. I have read of sweets shops that have big boilers, boiling tons and tons of milk to get the khoa. Well, I can imagine that. When all I was boiling was about 1 & 1/2 liters of milk. You would really need the most sturdy and thick bottom pan you have. Then, of course, arms that don’t mind the stirring!

If you have a nonstick pan is fine, else a thick bottom Kadai as this one is fine for the job.

Get the milk boiling, ensure you keep an eye on the milk not spilling over!

Keep stirring…..

After about 45 mins or so, you better simmer the gas to low but continue to stir. If you have somebody to take in your place, it is good if they can continue to stir! (I know it is hard not to miss the fun at FB, Twitter both of which has that irresistible question .What’s on your mind!or What are you doing? I typed eagerly “Stirring pot of milk!)

Finally the result of hard work or rather sweat, the milk is reduced to khova.

Of course, when I did Palkova in Microwave, it was much simpler as I added the sugar and ghee and stirred constantly. Whereas here it is just milk. And getting the right consistency is more important here as your end result depends on the making of Khova.

Since the secret is out of the bag, I might as well confess that I was embarking on the mission of making Gulab Jamun at home. So water content or the softness of the khova is very important. Do not over cook it after it got reduced.

Remove once you see the milk solids become dense. The khova should be soft and not very hard or crumbly

Homemade Khova or Mava (Unsweetened Mawa)

You need:

Milk – 1 & 1/2 litres
Thick bottom kadai or nonstick pan

Yields – 1 & 1/2 cup or more of Khova

This can be used for Gulab Jamun, Palkova, Carrot Halwa and many more sweets.

Enjoy the khova and have a great weekend!

Homemade Khova / Khoa ~ Indian Basics Step by Step Recipe!

Cuisine North Indian, South Indian
By Cook Method Stovetop
Dish Type Basics for Cooking
Author Srivalli
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  1. Agree with you on the LPG usage part. I feel stove top method is convenient for kova making compard to MW.

    I know I have to wait to see the sweet treat made using this.

  2. hi valli, I made khova using evaporated milk, actually it came out very well, but I am planning do it again your step by step recipe is really good.., thanx dear

  3. I can hear your athamma's concern about LPG consumption as mom too was talking about the same when I was making Khova yesterday.I had to do the stirring myself and,ouch,my arms hurt…

  4. I was waiting for this recipe after I read ur status message in FB. Don't know why i could not open ur blog for the past two days… khoa looks really yummy..

  5. Valli.. You are only a month late in posting this recipe. My khowa was kind of sticky as I lost patience at the very end with my DH pestering abt going someplace. Well anyway.. will use your tips & recipe whenever I make it again.

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