How to make Urad Dal flour ~ Basic Indian Cooking!

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After a week of resting and relaxing because of kids vacation, I am all geared for welcoming my nieces and nephew. We had already planned what I should be making during their stay. And they we get to hear that my nephew has prepared a list that he wants me to prepare. Well Hubby dear was trying hard to get hold of that list. Apparently he is shielded from being privy to the secret.

Another thing that kept me busy the last few days was the unbelievable reconnection with my old school friends. The feeling that came in while talking to each of them was unbelievable nostalgic. Did you ever believe those filmy shots that run in front of the character and thought it was funny? Well let me tell you, it was exactly the same way. The incidents that happened was literally flashing in front of me. It was like I was sitting in a mirrored room and things were happening outside and I was hearing voices inside my brain. This was apart from the actual voice that I was talking to.

Thanks to my friend K, for being the instrument to this whole reunion. I hardly believe most times that I have reached this far and to know that my childhood friends have kids entering into their teens! The last two days have been a roller costar ride, walking with a gaze at the memories that came rampart! With thoughts and events that were supposed to have been forgotten came forth forward. It is not everyday that you are lashed with nostalgic feelings that are so heavy to bear and a need to meet them all to revive your childhood. A childhood of  bitter sweet thoughts that will never come back, yet you want to relive all of them all over again.

Well I know I may go on and go, before that let me share the way I grind Urad dal flour. I made this while making Muruku and yes I am planning to make some similar snacks for my little guest when they are here.

Urad Dal flour | Whole Black Gram Lentil Flour

Whole Black Gram Lentil / Urad Dal – 2 cups

We get the dried skinned Urad dal that are used for making idlis, Vadas and Murukkus and most frequently used as seasonings.

Making this at home is so convenient for you to make so many dishes.

Pick the lentil. Heat a pan, dry roast the Urad dal with a spatula.

Roast till the Urad dal starts leaving aroma that is really heavenly.

Ensure you don’t burn it but keep stirring that all sides get well roasted.

Transfer to a plate and spread it for it to become cool. Then grind it to a fine powder in a mixer.


Sieve well to get a fine powder.

This flour stays fresh for couple of weeks in room temperature. If stored in freezer, it may last longer though I haven’t experimented it. You may store the flour in zip lock covers and store in the freezer.


Do share if you make this flour at home and what dishes you make with it!

I have used Urad dal flour in making Butter Murukkus

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How to make Urad Dal flour ~ Basic Indian Cooking!

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  1. I enjoyed reading that post very much! I, too, have been re-connecting with old classmates on FB- so strange at times to see what these people now look like or to hear that some have children nearly ready to begin college! It makes me feel a little bit…no, no, I won't say that word! 😀

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