South Indian Non Veg Thali Menu List 3 ~ Mutton Biryani

Mutton Non Veg Thali

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Mutton Biryani is the next dish featured in the Non Veg Thali. This biryani is prepared with Indian spices, ground masala for a delicious one pot meal.

This biryani is not cooked in layers. Finally the biryani is dum cooked to make sure the flavours steep into the biryani well.

We have used Seeraga Samba Rice for this biryani and Kond says that it makes it taste very much like the Junior Kuppanna’s Style. They are very fond of that restaurant’s biryani.

We have previously shared other Biryanis that tastes great and very similar. Today’s version is slightly different and that made it very good. We always think we must record any change done to the ingredients as the end result changes a lot.

For this menu, we made a gravy for the side, along with a peanut pulusu that is tangy. For the sweet, it was a simple bread kaja as we call it. Ghee toasted and added to jeera water. It’s for another day.

Some restaurant serve potato chips on the sides and of course, you don’t need a chance to munch on wafers! The cut fruits to end the meals.

Today’s Thali features Mutton Biryani.

Mutton Non Veg Thali

Mutton Biryani – Non Veg Thali

Mutton Biryani
Andhra Style Mutton Curry
Peanut Kara Pulusu
Potato Chips
Plain Rice
Bread Kaja
Cut Fruits

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  1. The peanut Pulusa is very interesting here – something I haven’t heard of ! And what is that Bread ?

    Obviously the non veg lovers would enjoy the Biryani but for vegetarians theres enough too !

  2. Is that toasted bread soaked it a little sugar syrup? That’s definitely an easy sweet treat to make! The biryani must be a hit with everyone, but as part of whole thali, it makes the meal so much more appealing!

  3. The whole thali looks interesting and what is grabbing my attention is the Andhra style mutton curry. The oil floating on top with the piece in it, looks like perfectly cooked and done.

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