My Ever Green Appam!

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Well sorry my appams are white as a pristine! To say I am fond of Appam is saying too little. My attachment to Kerala and its delights started very early, as we were introduced to Kerala feasts on many visits to the different places in Kerala during our vacations. Most were reproducible with equal taste and texture except this Appam. Amma tried many tasted and tested recipes, but none came close to the ones we tasted and enjoyed. Added to that, I had many Mullu friends. But each gave different recipes, still nothing satisfied us.

In one of my friend’s place, I used to see a big thermocol box which was used to store these appams. Not sure what purpose they served. But I saw them placed in that box on many occasions. When we don’t make Puris for Sunday breakfast, its always because its Appam. That was our passion to this dish. Still we were far from our cheese like texture that comes to the perfect Appam. Finally Amma came up with the perfect recipe! It was such a treat. And now every other Sunday, its Appam that I make for Sunday morning. We always make Tomato Kurma for this but once I wanted to try something different that I liked. But hubby dear didn’t like it much. So its back to Tomato Kurma. And sweeten coconut Milk for Konda.

Previous to non stick appam pans, we used to struggle with iron Kadai. Amma used to coat it with Oil early morning, so that the appam comes out well. Now we get non stick pans and you dont’ even know when you had those troubles.

This post had been in my draft for so long, because I wanted to make this special for RCI: Kerala. Then I thought I should go with new pictures, so the old one which I took during last April are lost forever. These are new ones and they rock too me thinks.

Now to the recipe that works out so well for us

Ingredients Needed:

Raw Rice – 2 cups
Boiled Rice – 1 cup
Urad Dal – 1 medium level ladle spoon ful (app 100 gms)
Methi / Fenugreek seeds – 1 tsp
Coconut water & sugar – 1 glass
Salt to taste

Method to prepare

Soak the rices for minimum 10 hrs atleast.

Soak the coconut water with sugar for 10 hrs.

Grind the rices to smooth batter. Mix the coconut water to the batter and let it ferment over night.

Next day, before using add a pinch of soda.

Heat the Appam pan. Take a ladle full of batter and pour into the appam chatti. Make swirling movement so that the batter gets coated around the chatti. cover with lid and cook in sim.

It will be done in 2 mins.

Serve with tomato kurma or Stew.

This is my contribution to Regional Cuisine of India, which is started by Lakshmi from “veggie cuisine” and Jyotsna from “Curry Bazaar” is hosting this event this month showcasing the beautiful state of Kerala.

Since this is my most favorite comfort food, this goes to Meeta for her Monthly Mingle which is Comfort foods this month.

Happy Sanskranthi!

My Ever Green Appam!

Course Breakfast
Cuisine Kerala
Occasion Weekend Special
By Diet Vegetarian
Dish Type Dosa Varieties
Author Srivalli
Tried this recipe?Mention @cooking4all or tag #cooking4all!

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  1. Greetings for Sankranti
    Appoms looks delicious.
    At home my mom also made it on sundays for breakfast. She did always with Kadala curry or ishtew.
    Yeah like you mom my mom also had the iron one for making appoms and i remember she also greasing the pan with oil.

  2. Sri, I am a long time fan of your blog. I eagerly visit your blog everyday to see if you have posted any new recipes. And your recipes always turn out good. Can you post the recipe for Tomato kurma please?

  3. I came looking for green appams… 🙂
    It looks great srivalli, you must have it with some chicken/mutton stew though… the best combo ever!

  4. Rajeswari…thanks..glad to know!

    Happy cook. Thank you and Wish you a very happy Sankranti too..great to know about your mom….those appams in iran pan comes out great..

    Anjali, Thank you for dropping was pleasure visiting yours

    Suganya, yeah it can be app 1/2 cup..will check on that again and confirm to you!..thanks

    Anon, Thanks for the nice comment. Kindly leave your initials next time, would be nice to know who is who…thanks for the feedback on the recipes….will post the kurma recipe soon…thanks for visiting!

    Pooja, thank you…do try…your hubby sure will love it!

    kamala, thanks…what method do you use?

    Shankari, mine too..thanks

    Sig, hhahah…I meant my evergreen..and not with a space though…yeah my dad always says that…will prepare it and have my hubby try!…

  5. Good entry for RCI, Sri. I still make my appams in an iron kadai. The secret to doing that effortlessly is to first rub some oil on the kadai and then rub some table salt into it and wipe it off. The appams will not stick to the pan after that.

  6. Jayashree, thats nice to know…oh you use salt ok will let amma about it..she still uses the iron one…thanks for the tip.

    Bharathy, thanks! yeah you can send that rci post

    Jyothsna, thanks for hosting!

    Meeta, thats great!…thank you!

  7. Looks delicious Srivalli – Appams have been intimidating me for too long – I’d like to give these a try sometime. Just one question – you said coconut water (colorless like water) not coconut milk (white and opaque) right? Or are they interchangeable?

  8. Shella, Thats nice to know…

    Minti, sorry for not replying earlier…this is quite easy when you get the hang of it…yes..coconut water is what is stored inside one…coconut milk is what is extracted by grinding the coconut..

    Ferment the water thats present inside the coconut with sugar.
    For more taste you can also add the milk to the batter before fermenting it.Hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else!

  9. Thanks for the response! (Before I asked, I had tried searching on the web, but the answers were not clear)I have a batch of batter with coconut milk at home. I’m excited to see how they will turn out!

  10. nice recipe. i’m gonna give it a try. just have a question though? what kinda rice do u use? can i use basmati? thanks 4 ur help.

  11. Appams are my favourite…Back home..I remember eating them at Malgudi Restaurant in Hyderabad and Banglore.
    I am from Rajasthan and my husband is from Chennai..before marriage I never had appam..But once I ate them,I relished it.
    Can I use caned coconut water?

  12. hi there, I’m a north indian who’s a big fan of appams so was delighted to see your post on them. what do mean by boiled rice here ? Is that a variety of rice or rice cooked in boiling water ? if it’s the latter why would you soak them!! my queries may appear stupid.. I’m sorry… but i’m really new to south indian cooking. Help !

    Also, at what stage do we add the urad dal ? does it have to be soaked ?

  13. HI,

    I am new to this site..came across this one when I was surfing for a good appam receipe…

    My mom used to add coconut +coconut water to make these "frill appams"..Would you know the proportion?
    Also, for the proportions suggested by you what would be the quantity of Udid dal in "cup" measures ? Would 1 table spoon of sugar suffice?

    My baby daughter loves appams .. & its healthy food as well

  14. Anon, I use the regular rice and not Basmati

    RK I add only the coconut water, so have no idea about how much coconut is required.

    cup refers to the std cup measurement as in 150 gms of dals.

    1 teaspoon of sugar is enough.

  15. Hi,

    Thanks for the quick response.

    I guess for the given receipe 2/3rd cup Udid dal would do right?

    Also, can we add coconut milk in addition to coconut water for sweeter taste for babies? If so, how much would one normally need to add?

    Thanks once again

  16. RK, I am really sorry for the delayed reply, thought I did!..yes that much of urad dal(almost a handful) would be enough
    and you can add the coconut milk before making the appam too..else before fermentation…

  17. Good to see this over here…But I am totally against the idea of having Urad dal in Appams…I am not an expert being a malayali who has carefully observed the mallu dishes I can very clearly say that Urad is not really an ingredient in any typical malayali dish!!

    Instead of fermenting…The coconut water you can use Toddy or Rum(which is way Kerala Christians do it)….

    Instead you can even use Yeast!! And yeah My Mom use do something special also…she used call it "Kappi Kachal" with boiling a paste of Ric flour and pouring it into the batter(not sure what exactly how it was or what it is for)!!! I can post it definitely next time after asking her!!

  18. Sree Thanks for dropping by. Yeah I know the traditionally yeast is used. As I have mentioned in the post this is by no means a traditional recipe, but something we have come to arrive for our own satisfaction..:)..

    Do post on this, would love to read on the authentic recipe from your mom.

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