Omapodi or Sev ~ Indian Savory Snack!

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I turned one leaf up on the table calendar to notice it is already November! The picture on my beautiful table top calendar is a south Indian Thali. I remember flipping through the leaves and seeing this breathtaking picture thought November is too far away. And here I am, looking at it every other moment and enjoying how well that picture has been taken.

Weekends are no doubt very hectic these days. Kids really let their hair down when on a holiday. That reminds me that they are due for their hair cut, which has to be a well planned tour. Well that again reminds me that Chinnu has been wearing the same shirt and pant for the last two days. He likes that pant so much that he refused to part with it, even for a wash. He slept with it on for the last two nights. Last time, I luckily had Peddu’s pant washed, so tricked Chinnu into wearing it. This time no such luck. He really has a strong mind of his own. But I never thought he would bring it to force on such things!

Coming to the cooking part, I have enough drafts to last me a while, though on regular basis I haven’t been cooking anything new. The usual stuff with the usual combos! But this is something that I planned for Diwali, finally got around learning it from Amma only last week.


Omapodi or Sev

Besan/ Chickpea flour – 1 cup
Rice flour – 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Ajwain/ Vaamu powder- 1/2 tsp
Red chili powder – 1/2 tsp
Water – as required
Oil for deep frying

Ajwain is known as Caraway or Carom seeds
Special Utensils

Muruku maker or press with Sev press (Very thin holes)
Slotted ladle

Method to prepare:

In a bowl, take besan, rice flour, ajwain powder/ ajwain water, salt, Red Chili powder and mix together* See notes

Slowly add water and mix well to get a drink dough that is soft enough to pass through the press. When you press down you should get it flowing easily but not very loose at the same time.

Meanwhile get the press ready. Fill the press with the dough and close as shown here.

Heat a pan with oil., when it becomes very hot, simmer the flame. Take the filled in press and directly press over hot oil in a circular movement for about 3 -4 circles.

Cook over medium flame and turn over to ensure both sides are cooked to golden colour.

Once done, remove to a kitchen towel.


This can be crushed into smaller bits, to be used as the sev in Bel puri, Or as one of the items in Savory mixtures or just as such.

Notes: The dough should not be very thin. At the same time not as thick as chappati dough. Somewhere in between!..:)

When you have to use Ajwain in snacks as these, you can use it in two ways.

1. Soak Ajwain in 1/2 water for 10 mins, grind in a mixer. Strain through a sieve and use the water while mixing the dough.

2. Heat a pan, dry roast the Ajwain, allow to cool and then grind to a powder.

You can follow either of the above methods when you want to use ajwain in the savories.

Omapodi or Sev ~ Indian Savory Snack!

Author Srivalli
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  1. Looks perfect Srivalli! I love to sit with a plate full of this and watch a nice movie or songs! This is so addictive too!

  2. your omapodi lookss soo good.. murukku is tricky for me.. am fine with the thicker ones but inevitably brown these thin ones.. yours are such a perfect color!!

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