Peanut Murukku | Groundnut Murukku

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There are always certain things that remind of your childhood. It is almost like you forgot them and landed in a different place so alien. When something happens and you suddenly remember all those days. You think where did all the years pass away! Something similar happened when Amma recently made this Peanut Murukkus for us. 
All those years ago, I remember us eating these on summer trips went along with our family friends. Aunty’s mom used to make these without fail, along with Sesame Ariselu. Both these Groundnut Murukku, Thatta, Nugulu Ariselu were her signature dishes, that she used to make for her grandchildren. And I used to be part of that gang, who got treated to these delicious snacks. 

These kindled my memory so much that, I had to make these again. These didn’t disappoint me nor did they sty for long enough for me to enjoy in leisure. Will be making these again as it is not so difficult as the rest.
For a detailed method to prepare Murukkus, please refer the Butter Murukkus that I made for Indian Cooking Challenge. Though the ingredients are different the process is the same. If you must know Murukkus are my favorite, so I really enjoyed the Sago Murukku that we made recently
Peanut Murukku – Groundnut Murukku

Ingredients Needed:

Rice flour – 1 cup
Roasted Peanut powder – 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Red chili powder – 1 tsp

Oil for deep frying.

Method to prepare:
Roast the peanuts till done, skin them and powder to a fine texture. Mix it along with rice flour, salt and chili powder.

Add the hot oil and mix to get a soft dough. Heat the oil in a pan and press them down using the muruku press.
Since I used the store bought rice flour, those broke down to bits. But who cares, these were really so delicious to resist!

Now tell me which background you liked?..On my part I liked the content more..:)

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Peanut Murukku | Groundnut Murukku

Author Srivalli
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  1. Murukku looks very tempting. Loved the black background, of course only with murukkus in the forefront:)New recipe to me, an instant hit.

  2. Muruku seems to be crispy and perfect 🙂 Srivalli try making the muruku dough a bit more wet then you will get perfect shapes…when the dough is dry they break

  3. I make murukku (chakkali/chakaralu) but never made them with peanuts. One thing though, you may want to specify how much hot oil (only a few teaspoons) to mix with the dough. Otherwise, a novice might add all the hot oil meant for deep frying 🙂

  4. Thanks everybody!

    Rupa, thank you for the note, I have modified the recipe to remove that completely. Since this uses peanut, even that 1 tsp of oil is not required..:)

  5. Hi . First time here , u hav a lovely collection of recipes with wonderful clicks ..
    The murukku looks so yummy ….

    @ Little Food Junction

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