Ragi Roti ~ Indian Flatbread with Finger Millet Flour!

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You know during the Roti Mela, I wanted to make many varieties and learn more but unfortunately only 25 found its way to the Mela. But one most predominantly missing entry that was quite common at home, was this Ragi Roti. The other day I was looking at the previous posts and the archives I have, something struck me very strange. Yea the fact that there wasn’t a post on Ragi Roti. Ragi flour is something that’s always stocked at home and we make dosas, Sangati, and Rotis with it. So its really funny that the Roti never got featured. Ragi is always preferred over other grains for its health contents. My parents always preferred Ragi Sangati. And not to mention my in-laws. Every chance they get, Athamma prefers to make Sangati or make dosa for herself while we have regular dosa.

I remembered my grandparents cultivating this crop, so we were never short of this at home. Now with the fast pace life style and other food habits, these healthy alternatives are overlooked. But hubby dear and Athamma always preferred Ragi Sangati, so I have to make this quite frequently. Good part being that Konda also likes to eat Sangati. But for a change, I thought Roti will be better. These rotis can be had for breakfast, lunch or for evening snacks or dinner. These can make a lovely meal for anytime of the day!

Peddu and Chinnu spot two pigtails now, since their hair has grown long and we are yet to give them a much needed make over. But they dislike it so much that they run the moment I take a comb. While on the other hand, Konda complains that she wants a pigtail but I do it. Well its always this way right! So while I was busy with this work, Athamma said she will make it. And all I did was to click the pictures and then enjoy them! And during this time, we have Spring Onions and Capsicum in abundance at market place. So those found its way into this Roti and in the process made it even more healthy.

Ingredients Needed:

Ragi / Millet Four – 1 cup
Salt to taste

Optional Ingredients: (you can use whichever vegetable you have on hand)

Spring Onions – 1/2 bunch
Capsicum – 1/2 half
Green Chilies – 2 long.

Method to prepare:

Chop all the vegetables very finely.

In a bowl, take the ragi flour, salt and all the chopped vegetables. Mix well. Then slowly add water to knead to a dough. It should not be runny but still soft.

Spread wet muslin cloth over the roti rolling board. Divide the dough into equal balls. Flatten the balls, by dipping your fingers in water and patting the ball down to form a disc of 6 diameter or a small roti size. Pat them slowly as the chopped vegetables tend to fall out.

Heat a tawa and spread oil, then slowly take the cloth near to the pan, gently remove and place on the hot tawa. Sprinkle oil on the sides and let it cook. It takes about 1-2 mins on sim to get evenly cooked. Turn to the other side and cook well.

This can be eaten as such but can be served with Ground nut chutney for a healthy brunch.

This goes off to Sia who is hosting the WBB event, themed on Summer Feast. My dish features Spring Onions and Capsicum which available right now in our parts of the woods. WBB, is an event started by the lovely doctor, Nandita from Saffron Trail.

Since this is also a very healthy dish made with Ragi and vegetables, I am sending this to Mansi who is hosting an event on Healthy Cooking!

Ragi Roti ~ Indian Flatbread with Finger Millet Flour!

Course Desserts
Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
By Diet Vegetarian
Dish Type Indian Flatbread, Millets
Author Srivalli
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  1. Yummy roti Sri..even though ragi is supposed to be very healthy,I’ve never come around making anything with it.This one sounds easy and tasty too with addition of spring onions and capsicum..great entry!!

  2. Great looking rotis. But I thought this is supposed to be a Karnataka specialty? In any case, very healthy and yummy stuff πŸ™‚

  3. I too make the same way but without capsicum and spring onions..These might give some flavor to the roti..I can imagine how Peddu and Chinnu look with cute pig tails…

  4. i’ve never cooked with ragi. thanks for the variety of recipes. the little ones with pigtails? hope you have taken pictures. their future girlfriends can use it to tease them.

  5. Elders in my family never tried ragi roti and jonna roti. Due to its health benefits i would like to make them and searched. Found u r jonna roti video and this ragi roti. I tried both. Both came very nicely. Thanks once again for u r detailed explantion. U r recipes helped the person who does not know how to make . Once again i am gratefull to u.Special thanks to u r mother-in-law. I liked her tapping jonna roti.

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