Spicy Potato Roast | How to make Potato Roast

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A Potato is a potato, I know! I haven’t come across a person who doesn’t love this tuber. But there was a time when I never used to eat this as such. Of course, I love French fries but when it is present as big chunk or as Poriyal, I never used to like. When I was in high school, I had some allergy to some vegetable. We were not able to identify the root cause, but when I ate potatoes other than the deep fried ones, I used to have my nose going for a toss. That gave me a reason to just stop that bland veggie. When it is used in the kurma or other dish, I just ignore it. As I had said, even masala dosa was never my favorite. And Amma never actually got down preparing Potatoes for stir fry. That was basically because we had our quota of potatoes in a week and you can’t eat too much of this right. Somewhere through the line, we have come to have this vegetable included in our regular menu.
Now I don’t get that itchiness when I eat potatoes in kurma or as potato roast. But as a roast, I always like  arvi better. If you are regular follower of this blog, you will know my passion for arvi. I have tried arvi roast in as many ways as possible. Well the other day, I was telling about how Konda told me that her friend got Potato roast with Curd rice. And how much she loved and wanted me to make it for her lunch too. I said I will send it to her too, but haven’t really given to that indulgence. But off late, I feel bad that I haven’t been able to spend so much time with her as before nor tell her any bed time stories. My lil one has grown up, she now sleeps on her own in a separate room, even if nobody is around and all without any stories! Thinking about it, I felt a pang. God, time is flying away and kids grow up so fast, before we can even think about it. Hubby and me always try to spend some time specially with her but still I feel that’s not enough. But I guess we just have to carry on. Life is like that. So the least I can do to make her happy, is to give her what she asks for. So I thought I will make Potato roast with Curd Rice for her.
When I told her that its going to be potato roast, she jumped with jubilation and was all excited. She liked the combi so much, that she asked Athamma for the same yesterday when Athamma asked her what she wants for lunch. Athamma was telling me this morning and grinning on that.Well here comes my version of Potato Roast. I am sure many of you love this! This is such a simple dish that it doesn’t require a recipe, still its no harm to record, what you say?

Ingredients needed

Potatoes – 2 big
Sambar Powder – 3/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil – 2 tsp

Mustard + Urud dal – 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves few

Method to prepare

Clean and peel the potato off its skin. Dice it into 2 inch cubes. Soak it in water till its ready to be roasted.
Heat a pan with oil. Splutter mustard and urad dal along with curry leaves. Then drain the water and add the potatoes cubes to the pan. Stir well so that it gets well coated with oil. Add salt and cook it with a hood in sim for 5 mins.
Remove the hood and stir again so that the potatoes don’t get stuck to the pan. If required add oil, else just add the sambar powder and simmer for another 10 mins.
The potatoes get cooked with its own stream and once they are soft, remove cover and cook for another 5 mins. Its ready.
Crispy, spicy potato roast with Curd rice is ready!
Even if you have this for lunch, there is some amount of crispness left become of direct cooking.

This is my entry to Sia’s Ode to Potato .

Since this is what my daughter loves, sending this to Vanamala who is hosting a Kid’s Food Event.

Spicy Potato Roast | How to make Potato Roast

Dish Type Dry Side Dishes
Author Srivalli
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  1. so u r not a big fan of potato? u belong to rare grp sri;) thank you for this wonderful entry. have u tried cooking this in microwave? i tried jeera aloo recipe from cookery show in MW and it turned out really good. and amazingly they were quite crisp too.

  2. Potato features very rarely in our menu, may be once or twice a month. We like it but prefer eating vegS> Great that u made it for ur little angel. My son is 2 yrs and 3 months and i also feel time is just going by.

  3. WOT?! Don’t like alu, will send you to black hole of Calcutta!!!! ;D
    Lot of doeters don’t eat aloos either, but it’s a great source of energy. Fry looks mouthwatering and so easy too. Good one Sri.
    So sorry about Indira too but I think she will come back soon like I did! Let her take her time!:)

  4. I can totally identify with your daughter, absolutely and totally love this dish. This was the first dish I ever made, used to make it a evening snack. Even remember a time I made it with Vellakennai and did not understand why it tasted so bad 🙂

  5. Hi Srivalli,

    I have been following all your cooking posts since a while and very much hooked to it. First of all great work on cooking and photos. I liked your every post and will try most of the recipes pretty soon.

    Hats off to your patience for cooking such elaborate meals every single day by working and wuth 3 kids.

    May God Bless you for your work.


  6. yeah! as Sia says, u do belong to a rare group of people not liking potato much…..the potato roast looks nice though.

    And yes loved your papaya halwa, was looking for the recipe and finally got it here…….

  7. Even though you don’t like potato, you have made such a tasty yet simple recipe with potato. Good going. I never tried potatoes with sambar powder. Thanks for giving us a new idea.

  8. This easy and tasty dish is one of the first few recipes tried by most of the girls.And it is called guests’ kura[:-D], as potatoes are always handy and can be prepared in a jiffy when we have unexpected guests.

  9. Sia, yeah…thats nice to know…my pleasure… will try it sometime…

    Jayashree, ehmm..thats great to know

    Asha, hahha…pls pls dont’ curse me for a simple potato..I like being where I am!..of course if its to my parents place I won’t mind going to hide!….

    Mala, my pleasure…glad you liked it

    indosungod, thats nice to know…as evening snack..I was told by my daughter she wants it that way too…hahah..vellakennai..you are rocking!

    vimmi, ehm..good to see somebody like me…yeah we need to do something to cherish everyday!

    Madhu, I am glad you took time to comment…thanks for your kind words…my pleasure you like my blog…do drop in when you find time!

    bhags, god looks like I might be cursed!…great…try and let me know!..bcos I just did it without any referance!

    DK, hahah…thanks

    Grihini, thank you…glad you liked this!

    manju, my daughter will agree with you!

    Uma, you are welcome…it will come out well!

    Poonam, thank you..glad you checked them!

    Bharathy, thank you

    satya, yeah this is quite the easy one right!

  10. That did make my mouth water !Like the way u present the whole thing. A bit of something about yourself and your family along with the recipe following it makes for interesting reading. Keep it up.

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