Kothamalli Podi ~ Toppings on Dosa

Kothamalli Podi

Kothamalli Podi or Kothimeera podi is a spice powder made with fresh coriander leaves and whole spices. This can be served on the side or sprinkled on dosa top. I actually needed this spicy kick to get back blogging here after a while. The break was unexpected and something out of my hands. There have […]

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Pappula Podi | Putnala Pappu Podi with Garam Masala

Putnala Podi

Putnala Podi is one of the most popular condiments from Andhra Cuisine. There are so many ways to make this humble spice blend or powder featuring the fried gram dal or roasted chana dal. I have shared two other ways of making this podi, that can be sprinkled over dosas, smeared over Idlis, mixed with […]

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Gongura Podi | Andhra Spice Powder

I have a fancy for spice powders and when it comes to Andhra Cuisine, you will find so many varieties. I have grown up, seeing so many spice powders getting made and served. Amma’s Podi is always such a favorite among my favorites and is always stocked. Athamma is also known for all the chutneys […]

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Karivepaku Podi ~ Spiced Curry Leaf Powder

Dad is very fond of Karivepaku podi. There was a time when Amma used to store these for everyday use. Habit changes and somehow in the line, I found we stopped making it. Kerivepillai is often so misused that its bad to think about. We use this for all our dishes but mostly they are […]

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Powder from Heaven ~ and a guess!

This is what I always thought when I think of the podi that Amma makes. It used to be the object of many childhood dreams. When somebody used to ask me what my favorite food was, I used to think podi annam! I remember during my high school, when coming back from school, Amma used […]

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Erra Karam Masala Dosa ~ Andhra Specials!

This is my 100th post and I am celebrating it by posting my hubby dear’s favorite dosa types – Erra Karam Masala Dosa. Erra Karam as in Telugu means Red Chilli Masala, this I came to know is hubby favorite dish which he very passionately confessed during my Athamma’s earlier visit. He said his mother […]

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Karam Podi Breadu ~ Bread Sandwich with Spicy Podi

My husband dislikes bread in any form. And I love bread in all forms and all times. Our tastes and likes have been so different in many ways. For me, breads and buns have been an integral part of food, but to make my hubby dear eat these was a big task. There was a […]

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Kanchipuram Idli Podi | Side Dish for Idli

Kanchipuram Idli Podi

Kanchipuram Idli Podi is an authentic Tamil Nadu Condiment made specially for the Kanchipuram Idlis. While we do have a stock of regular Molaga Podi, this condiment is prepared fresh while making these Idlis. When it comes to spicy podis to serve with Idlis or Dosas, Molaga Podi is the most delicious side dish. I […]

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