Vegetarian Fajitas | Veggie Fajitas with Grilled Corn, Beans and Salsa

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For the second day of Tortillas Dishes, I decided to make a Fajitas. Only after taking this up, I realized I was confused between a Fajita, taco and for that matter the quesdillas as well.

So that meant I do some research on the different types of Tortilla dishes, especially how different a Fajita is from a Taco or a Quessadilla.

For a Fajitas, frilled meat is served with tortillas and assorted condiments on the side. This can be eaten as a taco or burrito style.

A Quesadillas is a large tortilla, folded in half, stuffed with Queso (cheese) and other optional stuffing, then grilled on the outside.

Tacos are traditionally small palm sized tortilla, warmed and served open faced or lightly folded. The stuffing can be spiced meat/vegetable garnish. These can be optionally served with cheese.

Burritos on the other hand is similar to a taco in ingredients but uses a larger tortilla served as a closed, cylindrical “wrap”.

So coming back to the Fajitas, apart from the grilled meat,
condiments, to make a vegetarian version, you could use grilled bell
pepper, grilled onions.

I made Vegetarian Fajitas with Refined
Beans, Grilled Corn along with Fresh onion, roasted corn and tomato
Salsa on a bed of tomato salsa sauce.

Veggie Fajitas with Grilled Corn, Beans and Salsa

For the Tortillas
Flour Tortillas – 2 big
Tomato Salsa – 2 tbsp

For the Grilled corn

Sweet Corn on cob – 1
Olive oil

For the Refined Beans

Beans/ Rajma – 1 cup
Onions – 2 tbsp
Fajitas Seasonings – 1/2 tsp
Green and Red Jalapenos – 2
Oil -1 tsp

Grilled Corn, Onion, tomato Salsa – 2 tbsp

How to make the Refined Beans

Soak the bean overnight and change waters couple of times before pressure cooking. Add enough water and pressure cook till tender.

Heat a pan with oil, toss the tenderr beans, add finely chopped onions, chopped jalapones. Add salt and fajita seasonings. Toss everything and combine well.

For the Grilled corn

Smear the oil a bit on the boiled sweet corn, grill it over high flame till its grilled on all sides. Sprinkle salt over it

To assemble the Fajitas

Warm the tortillas over hot pan.

Transfer to a serving plate, spread the tomato salsa in the middle, spread a base of beans over it followed by Roasted Corn onion and tomato salsa.

Fold on both sides and serve.

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Vegetarian Fajitas | Veggie Fajitas with Grilled Corn, Beans and Salsa

Cuisine Mexican
Author Srivalli
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