Creamy Icy Milkshakes

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Anyplace, anytime for a milkshake. This suits me apt. I can have one, any time of the day but believe me I have tasted only Chocolate flavour be it Milkshake or ice-cream, maybe had Vanilla couple of times. I don’t like anything else nor have I every wanted to even try. Dad always says its so easy to satisfy valli…give her paneer butter masala or anything with chocolate..Boy, was I happy when I came to know that my daughter shares my passion. Now its more the reason for me to enjoy this without any feeling of guilt. When I did make these for her, she was so happy and excited. The request had come so many times since then, that I feel real good to have a fan for this wonderful drink.

Chocolate Milkshake

Ingredients needed:

Milk – 400 ml
Sugar – 3 tsp
Chocolate Syrup – 3 tbsp
Ice cubes
Chocolate or Vanilla Ice-cream – 3 scoops
Condensed Mik – 1/2 cup (opt)

Method to prepare:

Bring Milk to boil, add sugar and mix well. Let it cool and refrigerate it for 2 – 3 hrs.

If you are adding condensed milk, add it to the chilled milk, and beat well in a food processor or mixer. Else just take the chilled milk, add the chocolate syrup and beat well.

Finally just pulse it with ice cream for a creamy texture. Then run it again with ice cubes.

When the milkshake is thick enough, remove to a serving glass. Top it with one scoop of ice-cream. Pour a bit of chocolate sauce, along with chocolate shavings or chocolate chips for garnishing.

Mango Milkshake

Ingredients Needed:

Ripe Mango – 1 big
Milk – 300 ml
Sugar – 2 tsp
Mango Essence (optional) – few drops
Mango or Vanilla ice-cream (optional)

Method to prepare:

Remove the skin from mangoes and extract pulp from it. Run it in Mixie with Milk and add sugar.

Chill for 2 – 3 hrs. Then mix with Ice cream and run it in mixie to get a running texture.

Serve with Ice cream of your choice.

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Creamy Icy Milkshakes
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