Erra Karam Masala Dosa ~ Andhra Specials!

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This is my 100th post and I am celebrating it by posting my hubby dear’s favorite dosa types – Erra Karam Masala Dosa. Erra Karam as in Telugu means Red Chilli Masala, this I came to know is hubby favorite dish which he very passionately confessed during my Athamma’s earlier visit. He said his mother used to make hot hot dosas and he won’t even budge from the table and continue eating them. Never counts how many devoured. He says the hot spicy nature mixed with the hot from tawa makes this one super duper dish to eat. Well I had to believe him, so I asked Athamma for the recipe. She infact had two! No end to these people’s fancy to Red chillis!

In the early years of our marriage, I had tough time preparing anything and meeting dear hubby’s nod. It used to be so funny, on one side of the table you would see one puffing and dabbing himself off because of the spiciness, on the other side another person, so cool as if there is nothing amiss in the dish. I was referring to my Dad who is normally seen wiping his face off frequently when he eats something specially prepare for the son-in law. The other side is my hubby dear, who has till date never confessed, to have eaten a spicy dish at our home! My brother wouldn’t even bother to venture near the place if something like this is on the table. Amma, of course was only worried about pleasing the son-in-law, so prepares something else for Dad. This was a typical scenario for quite sometime.

So it was so much pleasure when I discovered that I could please hubby dear with such a simple yet delicious combination of Red chillies or Erra Karam on Dosa.

Erra Karam Masala Dosa

Preparation Time: 10 mins
No cooking time as this is raw!
Cuisine: Andhra

Ingredients Needed:

  • 1 – Onions
  • 1 to 2 tsp – Red Chilli Powder
  • 3 pods – Garlic
  • Salt to taste
  • Dosa Batter for Dosas

How to make Erra Karam Masala Dosa:

  • Raw grind all the ingredients together.
  • Take a ladle full of batter and spread out a thin dosa on a hot tawa. Sprinkle cooking oil or ghee on the top. Turn it over.
  • Once done, take a spoon of the spicy masala (Erra Karam Masala) and spread it over the dosa.
  • Serve hot!
  • The raw onions with red chilli powder and garlic crushed gives an excellent taste to the ghee roast Dosa.

Variations to this –

  • Chop Onions into fine pieces and mix with red chilli powder.
  • Spread over the hot dosa before removing it from tawa.

We serve these with Groundnut/ Peanut Chutney, which is an all time Andhra favorite!

During our recent visit to Guntakal, Andhra Pradesh. I took this snap of the Street vendor selling Uggani.

When I was writing that post, I wanted to show that street snack which is common in that place, and finally was able to get a picture in this visit.


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Erra Karam Masala Dosa ~ Andhra Specials!
Votes: 2
Rating: 5
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Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
Votes: 2
Rating: 5
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  1. Raw grind all the ingredients together.
  2. Take a ladle full of batter and spread out a thin dosa on a hot tawa. Sprinkle cooking oil or ghee on the top. Turn it over.
  3. Once done, take a spoon of the spicy masala (Erra Karam Masala) and spread it over the dosa.
  4. Serve hot!
  5. The raw onions with red chilli powder and garlic crushed gives an excellent taste to the ghee roast Dosa.
Variations to this โ€“
  1. Chop onions into fine pieces and mix with red chilli powder.
  2. Spread over the hot dosa before removing it from tawa.

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  1. Congrats for your 100th post Sri…
    i am drooling over the dosas…i cant make anythng of this kind in my current situation….

  2. I second Lathamma!!Love the Karam dossa!I too make this called Podi dosa!!Being basically an andhraite how can I say no to chillies!!:)..Love spicy food!!Happy to note that you got the pic of your little one in your profile..Your profile page of the blogger looks simply great now..dont u think so??

  3. Thanks for the nice comments…Latha will look forward to you trying this out..

    Thanks Meeta

    Thanks so much Bharathy..yes now I can look at him anytime I want..

  4. Happy 100th post Sri, seems these days everyone is celebrating their 100th post but you have conquered it quickly, I guess, “Mera number kab aayega”…

    Now coming to the erra karam recipe, I too learned it from my SIL, Guess this is south Andhra’s speciality..but I loved it instantly coz its fiery hot and spicy, only additional thing I add is tomatoes and red chillie instead of powder…this is a must when i do dosas and has become popular while pleasing my guests here in NJ
    Lovely story…

  5. Hi Srivalli, my mom too makes erra karam, without onions.. i love the spiciness… i will have to try out ur erra karam version with Dosa soon…. My hubby doesnt eat that spicy and im starved of chillies!!!

  6. When I first read the title, for some reason I thought it was a non-veg dosa. Iam glad I still decided to scroll down and see what was in it. Nice pic…and the dosa sounds super hot and delicious.
    Congrats on reaching a blog milestone.

  7. Congrats on the 100th post!
    I love masala dosas & that red chilli paste on it takes it to another level.Thanks so much for posting this. What kind of onions did u use?

  8. Hi srivalli,i prepare the same type of karram for dosa some times with slight change in ingredients.At first time my hubby came to my house we serve dosa with karram he drink almost 5-6 glasses of water for one dosa because of spicy…now he become favourite for dosa with errakarram… now in my house every saturday & sunday dosa is complusory… after seeing your receipe i remembring my old days Thanks for posting…

  9. I love Andhra food. My brother in law is from Andhra and when my sister makes these dishes i used to love them; only thing is now she live in US and i live here in Belgium……….so can’t eat them so often as i used to

  10. hahaha…..srivalli yes same at my house not about the spicy thing but my mother wanting to please my hubby and he not willing to eat anything.he is very picky and doesn’t want anything changes his mind suddenly but he doesn’t express the uneasyness and silently gulp the food.i notice my mom says i gave up i won’t try more.And at home he asks for my moms dishes to my surprise. now i make longdistance calls for those recipes.loved ur spicy dosa.

  11. Dosa looks out of this world. Maapillai mariyadhai never goes out of style. Oh! and congratulations in yr 100th post. I always have great time reading yr blog.

  12. Srivalli dear,
    lovely dosas this morning for our break fast! I made Raagas cummin, coriander chutney with the dosa. My son simply loved it! I have taken pictures and I will be posting them along with all the recipes I have tried from my blogger friends.
    I will also try sending pics when we chat. To day I am slightly busy.
    Thanks for the lovely recipe!

  13. Thanks so much Asha…nice of you appriciate

    Thanks must try this

    Thanks Padma..not to worry you will also join us very soon…glad to know you do this and please your guest!

    Thanks Richa..and yes it is hot

    Thanks Sukanya

    Thank you Timepass

    Glad I could make you so..bhags

    Thanks Sirisha

    Thank you Bee

    Thanks Pravs

    Glad you did Jayashree..welcome to my blog…and do visit again when you find time

    Thanks TBC..I used the regular onions and not the sambar ones. To my knowledge in Madras we get only these two varieties apart from the white one, which I don’t buy often

    Then do try this out Rajitha

    hahha…that was nice to know …so nice..

    Thanks Priya and do try it out

    sad to know abt it but you can always do it for yourself..Happy cook

    Sure and let me if you liked it or not ..Shankari

    Sure did ..Bharathy..nice to know…

    Thank you for the all the encourgement you give Suganya..very nice of you

    very nice to know that ramya ..I guess every Indian mother is like that…

    So glad you tried out and liked Latha…pls do..will be a delight to see them!

    Thanks Lia ..glad you like dosa..then you will enjoy this also

  14. For this karam masala, I used to make it onion chutney. Never know to spread it on dosa. That’s a great idea. Is it common food for Andhras? I know how to make peanut chutney. I want to know what ingredients u’re using to remind me the taste of Andhra. Feel so hungry to see ur dosa pictures.

  15. Rajee, This erra karam dosa is from my in laws place, its quite common BF…glad you liked it. If you are looking for Peanut chutney check out my index or do a search!

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