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The humble queen of Dals!

The Toor Dal….

Yes, this is the picture I took during our recent visit to my sil. Her husband works for Farm Machinery Training and Testing organization run by the Govt of India, its a beautiful place of about 560 acres. The entire place is within a compound and they have their own agriculture lands which they cultivate for testing and other purpose. The residential colony is a neat array of individual houses, so nice with their own back yard where lots of vegetables are grown for their own usage. On the way to their place, I saw acres of Toor Dal fields, swaying lushly to the cool breeze that was blowing and I was intent of capturing it on the lens. I wanted to send this to Linda. I was able to get this in my second day of my stay. Just few more photos. Rest will be featured in another post that I am planning to do.

This is the first time I was seeing this plant and it looked great. My nephew and niece ate them just raw! Check out the cute yellow flowers near by.

All these from my sil’s backyard.

Lovely lone Bitter gourd hanging proudly from stem!

One branch had so many Guavas. The guavas from this place are so sweet that it fits the name in Hindi Amrut. My Dad loves Guavas and he said after eating the guavas from hubbys place, atleast for this alone I will give my daughter!

This is of course the Jowar plant, so full and ready to be plucked

Oranges were from farm, they had Orange plants running in acres. So many beautiful and fully ripen ones were fallen down. They get so much in abundance that they don’t care!

This is the famous Red Sorrel plant or the Gongura, whose leaves are eaten cooked! They were lying around without any care or fancy!

Two friends basking under the shades of the leaves. Lying around and chatting, lovely slender Ridge Gourd and small tender Bitter gourd. Unfortunately their friendship didn’t last for long. The lovely ridge gourd sacrificed its life for our dinner! This the reason for the bitterness in the small and tender Bitter Gourd.

Fiery Long chillies left to ripen in the plant! The hotness of Andhra in pose!

Lush big tomatoes hiding and shying away from pose. I had great difficulty getting them to stand properly.

This is from the farm, they have a huge Sapota trees, I have only seem domestic ones but never trees this big. And they were so sweet!

Thats all for now. I have few more rare plants that I feel were new to me. They were beautiful. I never imagined that we got those from those plants. It was a great learning experience for me.

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  1. Toor dal!! oh yes!! now it looks like it!!
    and hey Valli I love all those plants n trees!!!!
    and hey hey can u send that red gongura plant over to me please please!! looks great yaar!!

  2. You’ve brought a memory back, Srivalli – these would sometimes be sent or brought by somebody from the fields and they would be boiled with some salt and eaten as a snack!

  3. Lathamma, yes they were so lovely…and yes I had a great time capturing all in my camera…all these years I used to be left with just memories of the lovely things I see..this time I brought back them captured..that was great thing…I have always liked taking pictures but since blogging, it has intensified..and when I see something beautiful..all I can think is to capture!..:D..hahah..nice excuse

    Padmaja, yes they are great looking….and sure I will send some..I fell in love with those red flowers..

    ec, thanks…yes they are indeed a beautiful watch them grow big

    sra, glad I did …I can still hear them saying Aavi Kandulu…paachigana was fun…my nephew was running around eating them all raw!

  4. Great photos.. Your so lucky having these things at your Sil’s backyard.. everyday fresh veg only!! The Photo u put on Toor.. we call it Toori – Its very tasty to eat.. we make a coconut based curry out of it & just make it like a simple sabji. Its a tedious process to peel it out…Looks lots when u buy, but as u peel theres just enough!! Oh man u brought back good memories….

  5. Wow, I’ve never seen a toor dal plant, and the guavas, my favorite fruits in the world!! I want some so badly now πŸ™‚ and some sapotas too…

  6. Siri, thank you..yes it was fun walking through the fields. But one needs lot of energy!..:D

    Happy cook, thank you. Glad it was

    Tee, thank you. it was great holding it in hand. It gave a good feeling that this is what we eat everyday!

    musical, thank you!…you can take them..:)

    bee, thank you. Yes it was, I know how it must be for you each time you cook from your own backyard!..lucky you!

    Seema, oh thats nice to know. Will surely try it out next time I get hold of these . I am so glad I did.

    Sig, hhaah..I had the same feeling ..the sapotas were so sweet!

    Rajeswari, thank you

    Sugarcraft India…thanks for dropping by. Yes I had the same feeling while crossing it in the fields…they are so divine!

  7. Srivalli,
    thanks for visiting my blog. I wonder how I missed your blog. Very good one,especially I feel jealousy towards you, after reading about your trip.How lucky you are ,I always love visiting such places, but chances are less..Love to live in such a village..:)
    So u r blogging from India..?
    C u,

  8. wow…I never knew that Toor Dal came from a plant …!!!I never cared to even think from where it comes…lol !

    Anyways,thnx a lot for the info and nice pics too πŸ™‚

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