Happy New Year and Next in planning!

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You know I have always being known to be doing many things symbolically on the New year Eve! Like trying to be on time to office, with the faint hope that I will be on time the year long. Or not yelling at the kids. Or or or…As if any of these things can ever happen! I say to myself, get off the high horse and get real. But one never gets away from their childhood emotions right.

I was late to office, very late because Amma told me to visit the temple and because it was lunar eclipse do some pooja. Now I didn’t want to disobey her. I guess after becoming a parent one knows how it feels when your child doesn’t do as you say. So it’s a retrospective action, and nothing more attached to it.

Coming to the New Year Resolutions, I am never good at them. Infact I have never ever taken up a resolution to follow. It’s a fact that resolutions are meant to be broken, so why bother breaking your head over it. But on the other hand, Goals are different. These are something I always have, but most time with no definite time frame.

In recent times, I have had some revelations happening. As a first step towards what I have in mind, I have been reading some books on enlighten souls. Those books talk about what have been always in my mind, guess with many of you too. Only we don’t articulate or even think beyond certain level. But I was reassured on that the fact that making something known or written on paper makes it more binding.

So I decided I share my top most “To do” list here, so that I keep a track and see how I progress.

Schedule dates for the cookbook: I know I have been saying this for a while. Many have asked me again and again on the dates. The fact is, I am used to the relaxed thought that I have all the time. So I need to really put down the dates on paper to get myself more dedicated to it.

Plan for all the blogs: I schedule posts and plan for BC. But I never do that for my own. I always wonder why not. But I get lazy planning for my own blog. I have so much to share on Spice your Life, they are still in drafts. Though I am happy I am recording my thoughts in my Journey called Life..Those thoughts are what are prominent through the day.

Menu Planning: I know I already said I do Menu Planning. It always helps, but I miss out in between. So doing this will surely give me less headache.

New projects: I have new projects in mind, which needs time to be constructed. I just need the inspiration to get the motion on them.

Get back to my List on Reading Books: After reading the books in recent times, I again realized how much I miss them. Hubby dear was most accommodative in giving me space, of course I was missing my posting days for the books. I will have to come with a plan to include both.

Konda’s Blog: I would love to get my brush out and in the process pay more details to my daughter’s space too. She paints and stores on the comp, but I hardly get them online.

many more to follow if I allow myself. But for now that’s all!


This is a beautiful flower that I recently came across in wilds. I found this in the most unexpected places. I realised one can find beauty when least expected, in most unexpected place, all it takes to enjoy is the thought.

I hope I take strength in that thought and wish this year bring you all what you dream of and work hard towards!

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  1. Happy New Year also to you and your family Srivalli!

    And good luck with the resolutions, I see I'm not the only one 🙂

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