Revisiting older posts: Vegetarian Burger Indian Style!

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Sometime back I thought I should redo things for better. Yes many times in life we think we should get another chance. Maybe not all times we are offered this opportunity but in a food blog you can right. I decided seeing the hasty pictures and what not, I should click better pictures and post them.
This is the first of this venture. I removed the older pictures as they were such sore ones that I didn’t want to see them myself!
The hearty Burgers with these another version patties will make any day more bright than what it was. I used the white sauce instead of Mayonnaise and Veg Patties instead of the usual meat. Konda loved it much and eat them through the day.

Weekend was F.U.N, you can read between lines or letters. But then I am kidding, Saturday went well and Sunday went off without a hint, meaning it was so hectic that none of us had a moment to breath! I really salute those teachers who man 40 toddlers! Imagine your plight if you got to oversee 40 smart zippy kids who are always one step ahead you and you a grown up adult left wondering how to outsmart them, no chance.

Anyway hubby dear finally what one has to do. He took them to shop and bribed them with toys. All three came back with a big bag which had a Rail Engine, Aeroplane, a smaller aeroplan, and another car. They were so occupied with it that they didn’t know we went missing for 30 mins. And they even slept with it on them. Believe me they got up twice at night, to ensure their new toys were within reach. Boys I tell you..

As for a recipe for the day, I am revisiting my Burgers, hope you enjoy the pictures. I recently posted this recipe on Beyond Curries, wanted to share it with all of you.
Vegetarian Burgers Indian Style


Burger buns – 4 nos
Onions Rings  – 8 slices
Tomato Rings – 5 -6
Shredded Cabbage as per taste
White Sauce – 1 cup
Cheese Slices – 4
Potato Peas Patties – 4 nos
Tomato Sauce – 3 tbsp
Red Chili flakes – 1 tsp (opt)

Method to prepare:

To make the White Sauce: Whisk 1 cup of All purpose flour along with 3 cups of milk and cook in 1 tbsp of butter till you get a smooth sauce.
To make the patties: Boil Potatoes, carrot and peas, mash it finely. Then sauté onions, ginger garlic paste along with green chili paste, cumin powder. Then add the boiled potatoes and peas. Once it is cooled, make equal balls, dip in flour that is mixed with water, then on bread crumbs. Shallow fry in on a non stick pan until crisp.

To assemble to burger.

Slice the burger bun through the middle,

Spread the inner sides with white sauce liberally.

On the lower slice, place a cheese slice, sprinkle some tomato sauce if you like.

Press one Patty firmly on it.

Then place the onion slices, Actually you can separate the rings and use less. But I like to munch on the entire slice as such!

Next goes the tomato slices,  then the shredded cabbage, Sprinkle the tomato sauce again!

Finally place the top bun slice back on this and press down firmly so that they stick together!

Optionally you can sprinkle Red Chili flakes for extra kick!

I had promised to make this for my daughter for her breakfast. She was very upset as I couldn’t finish on time. So she lived on burgers through the day, for lunch, evening snacks and for dinner. I only tasted a quarter piece of the tempting one so I know it was way to good!
  • White Sauce can be prepared ahead of time and stored.
  • Same goes for Patties too. And you can make any vegetable into a patti. Make in batches and refrigerate it for 2 -3 days. Make it on demand for the kids.

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  1. i love veggie burgers.. tho i go for pudina chutney with them …need the spice kick. can these be frozen? have u tried freezing them?

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