Jonna Sangati Recipe | How to Make Jonna Sangati Step by Step Recipe

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While Ragi Sangati has always been something that’s regular at home, I was first introduced to Jonna Sangati by Athamma. She not only makes awesome Jonna Rotis, but uses rice to make these sangati, which is again very healthy, even though it does include Rice. Most times the amount of rice is less when compared to the regular rice consumption. So overall it’s good for health.
This also becomes an ideal food for Diabetics as consuming Jowar flour in any form is good. I am yet to learn making Jonna Roti, however making this Sangati was pretty easy as it’s almost the same way as Ragi Sangati. 
The Jonna Sangati is paired with either Chicken or Mutton Gravy and mostly made on Sunday lunch to enjoy a hearty meal.

Jonna Roti ~ Jowar Roti
Making of Jonna Rotti (Jowar Roti) ~ A video!

Jonna Sangati

Step by Step Recipe

Jonna Sangati

Ingredients Needed:

Jowar Four / Jonna Pindi – 1 cup
Cooked Rice – 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Water – 1 & 1/2 cups

How to make the Jonna Sangati
Wash and soak Rice for 15 mins. Pressure cook in regular way. Once the pressure falls, remove lid and continue cooking in simmer. At this stage the rice consistency will be gooey. Add salt.
Add the Jowar flour in small quantity and quickly mix together. Using a rolling pin or a strong ladle will surely help.
Simmer with lid covered and allow to cook for 10 mins. 
Serve with any masala kura

Side dishes that taste great with Jonna Sangati:

Gutti Vankai
Potato Kurma

Chicken Pulusu
Chettinadu Chicken Curry

Mutton Pulusu ~ Mutton Gravy
Andhra Mutton Kura – 2
Mutton Curry / Mamsam Kura | Andhra Mutton Curry

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Jonna Sangati Recipe | How to Make Jonna Sangati Step by Step Recipe
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Votes: 2
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  1. Traditional recipes are always nice and healthy.
    This reminds me of an african dish called pounded yam..that is also cooked, mashes and made into balls..eaten with chicken curry.

  2. Thank you everybody!

    Radha, I had done a video of my Athamma making the Jonna Roti, thanks for asking as I forgot to mention the video. I have updated the post. Do let me know if you learn the art by seeing the video..:)

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