“Explore the Flavors” of International Flatbreads in A to Z order!

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Yes, given how much I love flatbread, I had to do a month long A to Z on International Flatbreads. The idea for this was almost instant when I realized I mostly let this space idle while I am doing a Mega BM on Spice your Life! during April and September.

I know I may sound crazy but coming up with something like this was the best thing I could’ve thought of. The list was done almost instantly, even though I have so many flatbreads already done. I tried my best to keep away from Indian flatbreads other than those required ones.

Since Flatbread was not part of the themes, I had to select those which fell under 4 themes mentioned. On top, I had to make sure I followed the 6 dishes per week, with 8 for the last week. I took advantage of sprinkling the themes across the weeks as they went in A to Z order.

Sub themes of the Flatbreads

I chose to do Lunch Box Dishes, Indian Sweets, Street Food, Breakfasts (International or Indian), with some twists in the themes. Overall, I enjoyed this theme so much that I was only too happy with the theme we selected for September!

A to Z on International FlatbreadsI had to redo a couple of the flatbreads because it paired with the theme I was doing on Spice your Life! One because I didn’t check properly if it was already done, though I always had a vague doubt about it. Anyway, all in all, this was an excellent exercise.

I am very fond of putting everything on a spreadsheet and planning it well ahead, even though cooking might happen in a hurry. I had a detailed list where I paired similar dishes to be done on the same day with similar ingredients. It really helped me complete 7 to 8 dishes at a time.

The weekends over the last month has been very hectic with this marathon cooking. I have concluded I work best when I am pressured for time. The only drawback being I am lost for ideas for clicking. Since much effort is spent planning the cooking, I get so tired when it comes to clicking.

Most times the alphabets were random, so I was okay with repeating some of the sides and props. Even then I won’t be surprised if consecutive days come up with the same props.

I hope everybody will enjoy reading on these Internation Flatbreads as much I have enjoyed cooking them.

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  1. When I saw this post on FB I thought you are announcing for September so early. But only you can conceive this kind of Mega Blogging. Will take inspiration from this for September!!

  2. OMG Srivall!!! Reading your theme and spreading and planning it across the sub themes- my God, only you can manage such a feat! Now I am very eager to see the international flatbreads…

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