Join me to feast on AtoZ Under 30 Minutes Meals!


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While it is going to be a feast with A to Z “Biryani / Pulao / Khichadi Festival!” all of this April on Spice your Life!, here the sub theme is going to be Dishes under 30 mins, mostly for Kids Lunch Box.

I asked Konda if she was fine with carrying these dishes for lunch box and I was glad she said yes. However, I must say I had to rethink about packing some of the dishes right from the pressure cooker, as the rice got clamped together and she was not okay with it. So I had worked on it and finally came up with dishes that got done under 30 mins, however, might require extra 5 to 7 mins to get cooled down to be packed.

On the whole, these AtoZ Under 30 Minutes Meal, are dishes that can be served on its own or make a wonderful pair with gravies.


My original plan was to use Millets for the whole series, however, once I started making the list with AtoZ I ended up using only rice. Majority of the dishes are prepared using Pressure cooker, however, it works in all methods.

So I hope this series will be enjoyed!

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  1. That is so exciting Valli. Can’t wait to read the whole series and bookmark all the dishes. My daughter begins full day school from June and I will be forever indebted to you for putting out this series just in time 🙂

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