Join me for some treat with “Sweets and Snacks” all of this Sep!


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We look forward to April and September for the Mega BMs that happen during these two months. While we have been doing Mega BMs for a while now, I started doing it on this space since last year.

We always have a theme and I try to create a sub theme and blog for 26 days with different themes on both the blogs. This September, we picked up Sweets & Snacks. The twist this time is that all participating members will do the same theme with their own choice of snacks. However, the last week with 8 dishes will be fixed. They have the option to pick their own recipes though.

Even though the theme was decided many months ago, with BM#100 Meet happening, along with a theme thats so tough with a mandatory week as well, I thought I will not be able to do it in this space. However, talking to Vaishali, it got changed and I was crazy enough to chart out a list for this space as well. I even went on to pick a sub theme for the weeks which only made life tough. Well, I strive on challenges and this was a good one.

Amma almost asked why did I listen to Vaishali, haha, but then this is me, so obviously I just need a push and I jump!

So get ready to enjoy another blast of sweets and snacks in this space along with what I will be sharing on Spice your life!

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