Bihari Chana Dal Puri aur Sabji Nasta Thali

Bihari Chana Dal Puri Thali

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Bihari Chana Dal Puri aur Sabji Nasta Thali features the traditional Bihari style poori stuffed with spiced chana dal served with sukhi aloo, chana masala and kheer. This spread makes it a filling and enjoyable meal.

Bihari Cuisine is one of those cuisines I have heard and read a lot about. I had a Bihari colleague who was also a good cook. We used to enjoy her homemade dishes she used to get to work. I have mentioned a lot about her and our conversions on food and the many dishes she had shared with me. When we first talked about Sattu and the magic behind it, that’s when this Sattu ka Paratha came into picture and whole importance of Sattu came out.

I had picked up dishes like Thekua, some ideas for this Simple Bihari Thali, be it Ghugni or Bihari Khichdi or Dhuska, it was talking about it. One of the main thing I understood from our talks have been that they are fine with many sukhi type of dishes. She used to make some Aloo Gobi Sukhi that were so lip smacking with rotis.

After waiting for so many years, I finally made Litti Chokha at home and totally loved it. I remember making Dal Pitha and enjoyed it much. There is a version of Chana dal made as a side dish for roti or rice.

Today’s featured recipe is the Bihari Chana Dal Puri

Bihari Chana Dal Puri Thali

Bihari Chana Dal Puri aur Sabji Nasta Thali

Bihari Chana Dal Puri Recipe
Aloo Bhujia Bihari Style
Bihari Chana Masala
Chawal ki kheer Bihari Style
Vegetable Salad
Pomegranate Juice


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  1. Yes, Valli I know you have mentioned this Bihari colleague many times . It’s always best to get first hand information .
    Bihari food is with simple and lingering flavours and I can see that from this thali.
    It looks delicious and a great pick.

  2. The poori thali look good and it’s always great to have a colleague or a friend who can give us direct input about their native food than rely just on internet. I remember a Bihari neighbor of mine and learning some dishes from her. The main thing I learnt was that many of theIr dishes was simple and easy to make and very delicious too!

  3. Love the way you have explored cuisines from each state and it is always good to have authentic source of recipes. Whole platter looks so inviting

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