Kerala Breakfast Thali

Kerala Breakfast Thali

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Kerala Breakfast thali features some of the most popular dishes of the Cuisine. Idiyappam Kurma is one of the most favorite combination as well. Made with rice flour, these are noodle like and very healthy as well.

Kerala is one of the four Southern States in India and while the language might be similar to Tamil, having some similar dishes across the state, it has a unique food culture as expected.

Starting with the cooking oil they use to the method they follow to prepare their dishes, it varies from the neighboring states. The cooking oil medium is Coconut Oil and it surely lends a distinct flavour and taste to the dishes. They also use a lot of coconut in the dishes.

Keralite loves fish. That’s a statement and an end point in itself. Other non veg options are also popular though nothing can take over their love for fish. I have been fortunate enough to spend lot of time touring the places during my growing up years and those memories are always fresh in mind.

Some of the popular Kerala Dishes!

Kerala Cuisine is very close to heart and all of us enjoy the cuisine a lot. Over the years there have been many dishes that have become part of our regular menu. Like we always make Appam and Isthu twice a month, We make different side dishes like Tomato Kurma, Coconut Milk, and Stew along with Appam. Avial, Puttu, Pazham Pori are some of the dishes that get frequently made at home.

Pazham Pori will always kindle fondest memories of enjoying these hot fritters during our many visits. These fritters are mildly sweet made with ripe nendram pazham.

Payasam like the ada pradhaman or Palada are most loved dishes. We once had Food festival at office and kerala was the first one to get done. Even in our office menu for evening, we have some regular kerala dishes prepared. On the whole it is one cuisine that is just as home for me.

We love Ambalapuzha Pal Payasa, Chakka Varatti. And enjoy making Onam Sadya. The whole feast is a delight to all.

Needless to say, I picked up this cuisine to make my favorite breakfast. I always wondered why I haven’t shared our way of making Idiyappam yet on the site.

Today’s Kerala Breakfast Thali features Idiyappam finally! Idiyappam has a long winding history with us. I remember the many Sundays Amma would spend trying to make these at home. I am talking about the time when I was in high school. In the process of making, we would’ve broken many Idiyappam presses and hurt our hands as well.

Somehow she never used to get the Idiyappam recipe right. It took us some years later to finally arrive at the right one that works for us. Since we do get it from hotel and those are some of the best ones, we don’t attempt making it at home. Though the recipe I am sharing today works out very well all the time.

Kerala Breakfast Thali

Kerala Breakfast Thali

Vegetable Kurma
Tomato Kurma
Coconut Milk
Nei Payasam

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  1. Valli , this is one breakfast that tempts me a lot ! I still remember the kurma with appam that I had at your place , i loved the flavors so much ,looking at this spread I go back to our cooking day !

    The whole spread looks fantastic and has all my favourite things from this state !

  2. I also remember the idiyappam and sevai episodes at my home when I was a kid. We had the standing press- it was a big process on those weekend mornings. Love that breakfast spread,it’s really special to me. By the way, you forgot to mention aapam in the menu item list.

  3. I agree with you, Kerala cuisine is so close to our heart and we all love it too. There will be one or the other dish from that cuisine in my everyday cooking. This spread is amazing and simply love it. Can’t go wrong with idiyappam and kurma. A crowd pleaser for sure.

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