Nei Payasam | How to make Sharkara Payasam

Nei Payasam

Nei Payasam is a special payasam made with Unakkalari, jaggery and ghee and served during festival occasions in Kerala Temples. Unakkalari is a kind of raw rice used in Kerala and the rice is used without removing the rice bran. Nei Payasam, also called as Aravana Payasam is cooked in a brass uruli that is […]

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Ney Pathiri | Poricha Pathiri ~ A to Z Indian Pooris

Ney Pathiri

Ney Pathiri is a deep fried Rice Pooris from Malabar region of Kerala. This gluten free Indian Bread is enjoyed as a snack as well. Pathiri in Malayalam refers to a pancake made of rice flour. You can cook these pancakes or pastry on tawa, cooked on flame or deep fried as well. Roll out […]

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Eylanchi | Madakku San from Kerala


The Eylanchi is a sweet pancake from Kerala made with All Purpose Flour, Egg filled with a sweet coconut filling. Eylanchi is also called Madakku San, sometimes tagged as Love Letters. This is a regular pancake batter cooked as dosas and filled with filings. This surely makes a wonderful tea time snack, if you remember […]

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Kerala Style Urulaikizhangu Thoran

I know it must look like a Potato theme, rather than a Dry Vegetable Sautes. I went with the logic that everybody loves potatoes and having it on the menu made things easy for me, as if other vegetables were not liked, atleast they had the potato to fall back. This happened with the Onam […]

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Kerala Prawn Curry

I was finally able to get to Cooking from Cookbook on time this week. Reason being I had a delicious Prawn Curry all ready and clicked. Delicious I say, because Daddy wouldn’t stop praising this curry after having it this Sunday. Amma made it after seeing it in some TV Show. The curry reminded Dad […]

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Kerala Paruppu Curry | Parippu Curry

Today’s recipe is part of the Kerala Onam Sadya Feast that I had prepared for Buffet On Table. All South Indian Thali or Banana leaf serving, makes it mandatory that Dal is first served on the rice with ghee. I adapted this recipe from Rajani, who prepared it with Moong dal and the omnipresent Coconut […]

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Garlic Rasam | Poondu Rasam ~ Kerala Style

This is part of my Onam Sadya I prepared for Mega BM for Indian States To read about how I went ahead preparing the Onam Sadya, read the preparation post.  Planning the Onam Sadya Menu helps in you cooking up the dishes quickly. Since all are simple vegetarian dishes, you can cook many within short time frame. Since I […]

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Ambalapuzha Pal Payasam

We are starting the final week of BM#52, this week I will be doing Temple Prasadams. This theme will feature three interesting temple prasadams from different parts of India. I tried not to repeat the state and gather as much as information as I could.This theme is quite a challenge in many ways. One I […]

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Vazhaipoo Poriyal | Vazhapoo Thoran

Wondering what happened to me all of sudden, that I am not being regular? Well I think it has to happen sometime right. I was so totally unprepared for the summer vacation and it hit me unaware. First was my nephew and niece coming over and then kids being at home, simply catches up with […]

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